Mahi Mahi - (Re)Move Your Body CD

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Yes we said it. WHAT IF LIFE HAD A SOUNDTRACK? Well, as we see it. This may be the soundtrack for those that came from not having much in life and worked to get their piece of the pie, by whatever means. We have been working diligently on our first "UNsigned Artist" showcase in album form. We have searched throughout our hometown (Brooklyn) for that raw and natural talent we are renowned for. We strategically compiled the hottest songs recorded in our studios and titled the work... "THE STREET TO THE SUITE"..... .... It is a collection of Hip Hop and RnB music. The album starts on some straight up Hip Hop street sh!t and evolves into a soulful RnB classic right before your very ears. What we love about the sound is that it begins a little rough around the edges. That rugged element gives it a grass roots, organic feel. BUT..... theres a twist! As the album progresses, it smoothly matures to a deep, and stimulating thought. As the album evolves, the listener will subconsciously blurr the line between The Street Side, and the Suite Side. .. One may not recall when they got into the SUITE..... ... .. . but they are there.... And feelin it. The album cover itself resembles a modern day movie poster because the main feature tells a tale of making it to the big time without corny skits or the storyline songs. The song sequence paints a classic "Raggs To Riches" portrait and then a loss of it, due to the lack of "Self Knowledge"...... ... ... It demonstrates that in todays grind it is sometimes wise to slow your roll... You see... .. . AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE DIRECTION..... .. .And we all know that sometimes changing paths is necessary. To keep that true motion picture vibe we took a different approach while finishing the album.. ... ,, ,, As the album comes to a climax, we left the listeners with a conclusion that will stay with them for times to come. It is all revealed in a surprise twist near the end of the album. ... ... In any case, with placement of the right songs, in the right sequence, we managed to capture all the emotions that anyone has ever felt while struggling to achieve something.. . aquired it.. .. ... and then, had to make wise choices to keep it,,,, ,. In short, the hungers, joys and pains which is ironiclly shared by all the artist that partisipated on this work.... .. . and through out the world for that matter. Either way, artist or listener, you will feel the struggles felt by all musicians ..... The idea of blending Hip Hop and R and B on one project has been tried in the past but never quite this way. This album can be played in any atmosphere//// So weather you chillin with your hommies or falling back with a shorty just kickin it. Thus making "THE STREET TO THE SUITE" unpecidented, edge cutting and a univeral classic to be remembered for all times..... ...... We (the producers of B.B.Dub.) scraped our pennies and resources together to make this happen and our peoples are already letting us know it was all worth it. I heard some of my dudes say, that it deserves a double G! "GHETTO GRAMMY" but they dont know, that we are aiming for that Oscar. After all we did nickname it "THE SOUNDTRACK TO LIFE."

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  • Artist: Mahi Mahi

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