March 16th, 2021
-Well, it's been a year....How's everyone doing? We've been keeping it sort of slow here at TJRHQ, as you know. But we have our second release of the year available for pre-order!! We are beyond excited to officially announce the first ever vinyl pressing of There Were Wires "Somnambulists"! Along with that we are super excited to announce the return of Iodine Recordings! That's right, our friend Casey is making the return to wasting tons of money on slabs of wax for you all. That means we are split releasing the record with him! And we have gone all out: gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve, exclusive color ways for each label, Deathwish, Revelation, and exclusive packaging for Limited To One Record Store! Will there be reunion shows for you all to clap off time to Physics Of Air Hockey? Who knows? The world is still on fire! But when everything calms down, there is a good possibility. Follow our's, Iodine's, and There Were Wire's instagrams for more information.

-In other news, the Greylock / BEDTIMEMAGIC is out and available, and being met with rave reviews!! If you haven't checked it out, please do. One side sludge-y doom-y, the other AmRep worship in the finest. Pluse there is an extra song on the cassette that is not available digitally!

-The rest of our year will mostly be spent in hibernation. We have a small run of cassettes planned for x-Best Practices group Northeast Regional, so keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, we will be gearing up for our massive 20th anniversary project. When I say massive, like craziness. We will be announcing more later in the summer/fall. We are busting our asses on this one, so we hope you all like it.

-As always, thank you for all the continued support. Please take a moment and check out our webstore. Every purchase helps grease the wheels of industry and get more records pressed/in your hands!

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