September 12th, 2019
-We are thrilled to announce the Sneeze vinyl is here! We're packing orders & getting copies out to distros/stores as quickly as we can. If you run a store, please contact Stickfigure or Ebullition for your TJR distro needs! (links and such on the contacts page)
-If you have not seen, Sneeze will be heading out west in November for a string of shows with FuckO. Check the dates, go see them, and have fun!
-That release was our last release of 2019. We will be taking a little break from putting out music to concentrate on selling the records we have. As many people now, running a small label takes a lot of money & time without much return. We need to take a little break to catch our breath after the past couple years of non-stop production. Thank you for your understanding and please take a look at the webstore. We keep getting in tons of amazing releases. We now carry a bunch of stuff from Middleman, Disposable America, Death Protector, and more. If you are a label or band who would like to get your stuff carried, please hit us up!! Thanks again to everyone for your continued support.
-Side note, during this down time we are considering updating our website. If you do website design, feel free to hit us up. We will be looking for help.

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