May 1st, 2023

-Well, its official...I am the worst at updating this. I hope you all follow us on social media....Really though, we are making the switch to wordpress soon which will make updating a lot easier than it is now. Also should make the site look good on mobile and just....updated in general.

-So since the last "news" in November we have seen a bunch of stuff. The 20th Anniversary Series is done and shipped and being enjoyed by all. The debut LP from Philly's King Slender is out in the world and we are honored to welcome them to the Tor Johnson Records family. The Northest Regional LP dropped and we're already working with them on a follow up 7"! And last but not least, the There Were Wires reunion shows happened AND the limited 10" lathe cut went off swimmingly!! Wow....that's a lot for us! If you missed any of this, please go check out our bandcamp!

- So we entered 2023 saying "we're going to lay low once all this stuff comes out".....welp, might not look that way. We're already working with our old friends Timeshares on some stuff, along with a couple secrets up our sleeves. Be on the look out for more info on social media.

-As always, please check out the webstore and bandcamp. We have all sorts of fun stuff available. Every dollar you spend helps us put out more new music. Thank you all for all the support. It means the world.

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