January 6th, 2021
-We made it through! Happy 2021 everyone. Hopefully you only came out with minor cuts & bruises. We only had one release in 2020, but we are cranking out our first of 2021 right off the bat! We are excited to announce a split cassette with Greylock & BEDTIMEMAGIC! Two different two pieces from Boston. Greylock leans on the sludge/doom side of things, where BTM channels more of a Am-Rep vibe. We have two different pre-orders available. One with a bandanna and one with a t-shirt.

-We are also excited to say that we have an LP going to the plant later this month. We are helping out Iodine Records with their first release in 15 years and couldn't be more excited to team up with a label we really admired in our beginning years. Keep an eye out for more info on that soon.

-We have also been behind the scenes planning something MASSIVE for our 20th anniversary (2022). We'll have more info on that later this year, but start getting excited now!

-As always, check out the store. Anything you buy from us goes directly to putting out more records. We also still have some of our National Independent Venue Assosiation benefit shirts available on our bandcamp!

  October 17th, 2020
-Holy shit, 2020 has been a weird year. It has been 6 months since we updated the site. Honestly, handling life has gotten in the way. As we've said, Paul (the single person who runs this whole thing) took the Teeth Like Swords Print Shop full time. It has really taken up most of my time. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a bunch of other things going on. Figured it was time to make an update.

-Cyttorak's "Simultaneous Invocation Of Apocalyptic Harbingers" tape is out in the world to some critical aclaim! If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself the favor. This release is so much heavier than anything else they have done or anything else we've released. Since the addition of guitarist Eric from Landmine Marathon, Cyttorak is taking things to new levels! They have also self-released a split tape with Boston grind band Stagnater. We have copies in the store, so check it out.

-The There Were Wires re-release is actually moving forward!! You might actually see the release come to light in 2021. We are excited to bring Casey from Iodine Records back to the world of wasting money putting music on wax! He will be helping with the project. Artwork is in the works and mastering is getting done as we speak.

-It looks like we might have one more release before the end of the year....but it is already October, so it might be early 2021. We are excited to be putting out a split cassette between two Boston bands pushing the envelope of sound. Bedtime Magic and Greylock. Two very different bands that push what two members can really accomplish. We can't wait to get this out in the world!

-Might as well let a little thing slip here last. We have a huge project in the works for our 20th anniversary in 2022. We'll be doing a 7" subscription series with so many crazy bands. Everything is still in the works now, but we are so excited about this project. Don't worry, there will be plenty of fun stuff between now and then.

-As always, please take a look at the store. Pick up a record or something. Every purchase helps us put out more stuff. And follow us on social media. I promise we use that more than this.

  April 16, 2020
-Well shit, here we are. Hope everyone is doing ok during all this craziness. We're trying to stay busy as much as possible. As we have said, Paul quit all his jobs at the end of 2019 to work Teeth Like Swords Printing full time. We had said that we were laying low this year because of that. But, as always, we have a couple things up our sleeves.
-Its here, our first release of 2020!! Our boys Cyttorak went in Dead Air Studios with the infamous Will Killingsworth in October 2019. All of this virus shit has thrown some of their release plans off, so we decided to digitally release their new EP on May 1st! We'll be doing a cassette release in the near future, but wanted to get it out to the world! You can pre-order now to insure you get a ridiculous exclusive packaging!
-Welp, not to build stuff up only to tear things down....we were actually making progress with the There Were Wires re-release. Then the 'rona come on the scene and threw everything off. We are still working on it, but probably not projecting the same late 2020 we were planning. We are still working on making this a reality, but time frame is up in the air.
-Other than that, we're just keeping on. Help us out, buy a record, check out Teeth Like Swords Printing, get some merch.

  Febuary 20th, 2020
-Holy crap, long time no update. So, I (Paul) have quit my job and am working full tim at the screen printing shop I started 8 years ago. For those that don't know Teeth Like Swords Printing check us out. We do all sorts of shirts and whatnot. Because of this, the label will be scaling back. Sadly I will not have the disposable income I used to. But trust me, we aren't dead...just resting.
-That said, we do have one release moving forward after being in hibernation. This will probably be the only release this year, but who knows. Keep an eye out for more movement on this.
-Lastly, in celebration of Tor Johnson being 18 (holy shit!!!), we are doing 50% off the entire webstore through the first week of March. Pick up some new music!!

  September 12th, 2019
-We are thrilled to announce the Sneeze vinyl is here! We're packing orders & getting copies out to distros/stores as quickly as we can. If you run a store, please contact Stickfigure or Ebullition for your TJR distro needs! (links and such on the contacts page)
-If you have not seen, Sneeze will be heading out west in November for a string of shows with FuckO. Check the dates, go see them, and have fun!
-That release was our last release of 2019. We will be taking a little break from putting out music to concentrate on selling the records we have. As many people now, running a small label takes a lot of money & time without much return. We need to take a little break to catch our breath after the past couple years of non-stop production. Thank you for your understanding and please take a look at the webstore. We keep getting in tons of amazing releases. We now carry a bunch of stuff from Middleman, Disposable America, Death Protector, and more. If you are a label or band who would like to get your stuff carried, please hit us up!! Thanks again to everyone for your continued support.
-Side note, during this down time we are considering updating our website. If you do website design, feel free to hit us up. We will be looking for help.

  August 1st, 2019

-As you have seen, if you go to this website often, I am getting worse & worse at updating the news. I am truly sorry for that. Please follow us on social media (links on the contact page) to stay more up to date on what is going on with the label.

-There is a wonderful new podcast that was started by friend of the label James. He used to play drums in Cedros. The podcast is called "Where The Living Room Used To Be" and is focused on RI music of all types. I was lucky enough to sit down with him and record an episode. Please take a little time out of your day and check it out. I talk about the start of the label, bands I've been in, Cathartic Records, Squid Amps, and more. http://livingroomutb.podbean.com/

-We are thrilled to announce long time friends of the label, Sneeze, will be joining the TJR family. After releasing two LPs on Glory Kid Records, we will be releasing their 3rd LP this Sept along with our other friends at Midnight Werewolf Records. Pre-orders are available starting August 5th. Sneeze will be doing a couple dates in Sept around the release, then will be doing a string on the west coast. Keep your ear to the ground for more information about that. Pre-order will come with an embroidered patch exclusive to our orders!

-To help make room for this release, and also clear out some space in the HQ, we are offering 50% off all Tor Johnson releases. This is limited time, so get an order in now and fill your label discography.

-As always, if you run a label or are in a band, we would love to carry your stuff! Drop us an email. If you just love checking out new music, take a spin through our webstore. There is tons of great stuff in there! Thanks again to you all.

  June 18th, 2019

-Holy crap, long time no update. So the Citizen's Unrest & Cyttorak tapes are out in the world. If you don't have one yet, you should fix that. The Sneeze LP is at the plant. More news on that as it moves forward. Stuff is rolling here. Check out some releases. Every purchase helps us put out more records!

-Sea Of Storms is rolling up this way in August. We're excited to host them at Dusk. Check out the shows page for more info.

-Our business brother, Teeth Like Swords Printing, have started making their own shirts and merch. They started with some Dungeons & Dragons inspired designs. Go check them out and be the coolest nerd on your block.

-Last but not least, the webstore is constantly growing. When was the last time you took a look through? We are always getting in new stuff. Every single purchase puts new music in your hands and helps us put new music out in the world. Thank you all for your continued support!

  April 17th, 2019

-Once again, we have gone a couple monthes without updating this thing. We're sorry internet world. Please follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter for more semi regular updates.

-In bigger and better news, spring has sprung here in New England. The trees are starting to get green buds and the windows are open for the enjoyment of the cats! That also means the gears of industry over here are starting to turn again! We have two cassette releases at the plant right now and an LP going out by the end of the month.

-We are very excited to announce the second cassette EP from PVD's bass-driven sludge gods Cyttorak titled Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp. Coming out in late May, we will have a premier track and preorders launch next Wed. 4/24. Diving deeper into the D&D and Warhammer lore, Cyttorak takes you on an adventure along the astral sea with tunes to crush your enemies. Pre-orders will come with an exclusive silk screened dungeon map packaging wrap.

-The other cassette at the plant is going old school with no pre-orders, no PR campaign, nothing accept showing up on the merch table. We are excited to release the discography of PVD punks Citizen's Unrest! If that name sounds familiar, its because they were on our very first release with a Gorilla Biscuits cover! Even though they have been broken up since 2003, they decided to have a reunion show to celebrate 20 years! Expect to see this tape raise its head after the show (if there are any copies left, that is).

-Last but not least, we are extremely excited to be co-releasing the 3rd LP from Boston's Sneeze with Midnight Werewolf Records!! If you don't know Sneeze, its guys from the NH/Allston scremo scene of the early 00's playing more grunge rock. Their first two LPs were on the amazing Glory Kid Records, so go check them out. More information as that moves forward.

-As always, please take a minute and check out our webstore. We have tons of awesome stuff and every purchase helps us put out more music. If you have a band or label, we would love to carry your stuff. Please get in touch! Thank you all for your continued support.

  January 13th, 2019

-Holy shit, long time no update. We're sorry world wide web. We have been so busy at the HQ that we have been slacking at updating the website!....So here's a shit load of news!

-2018 found us way busier than we expected, but that is never a bad problem. 2 LPs, 2 cassettes, a 7", and a repress. And we were planning on laying sort of low to make sure the new HQ was all set up. Please take a minute and check out the releases.

-2019 looks like it starting out the same way! Our first release of the year is out and available for shipping! We are honored to be working with a bunch of other amazing labels to bring a split LP between two long time Long Island music heads to life! Unknown River Driver features members of Bridge & Tunnel, & Fellow Project and plays that great post-hardcore/gruff punk stuff ala Jawbreaker. Meanwhile our old friends Rations have re-branded themselves into Rations Noise and bring you uber-political drone/harse noise. For those that don't know, Wells from Rations has been a long time supporter of the label. He used to work at a company called Icon Omni Media and they made every CD and DVD we ever released as a label. He has been a behind the scenes TJR lover since the beginning and we are honored to unleash his latest project to the world.

-In other TJR news, we are excited for the release of Aneurysm's debut LP! Coming out officially Feb. 1st, this record was recorded at the infamous God City and features artwork by Charles Bronson/Das Oath singer Mark McCoy! Pre-orders are available now and ship with a custom Aneurysm finger skateboard! There are also exclusive vinyl variants for Limited To One Record Store and Armageddon Shop, so make sure you check that out. We will also be hosting their LP release/tour ender at Dusk on Feb 17th. Click the "shows" page for more info.

-In true TJR fashion, we have a bunch of other releases in the works. Cyttorak has a couple split 7"s planned that we will be working with a couple other labels to unleash on the world. We will be doing a super limited lathe cut release in conjunction with Limited To One Record Store. We will be working with a Boston band on their 3rd LP in the spring, but more info on that as it gets closer. And who knows, you might actually see that There Were Wires re-issue this year.....

-As always, we are only able to put out records thanks to your support. Please take a minute and check out the webstore. If you are looking for Out Of Print, 1st Presses, or shirts please check out bandcamp. Thank you.

  September 29th, 2018

-I feel like everytime I remember to update this thing, there is more and more and more news. So here goes:

-TJRHQ is actually 99% all set!!! Local bassist legend Johnny Customs hooked us up with electricity so now we have a full turntable set up thanks to Stereo Discount Center! Along with the custom shelves, and lights its really starting to feel like home.

-The Heavy Mantle LP is out!!! We are so happy to have this amazing slab of wax out and available. We still have blue vinyl silk screened copies, the band has gold vinyl silk screened copies, and if you are in NYC: Limited To One Record Store has an exclusive clear vinyl with light blue screen printed version!! The band will be playing locally throughout the winter, but is planning a week or so in the Northeast come the spring!

-Pre-orders are now available for the re-release of Leopard Print Taser's Teeth Are Not Bones as a 7". We have a hot pink vinyl exclusive version. So check out the first song at Scene Point Blank or our bandcamp & get an order in for that. They will be hitting the road in November.

-We are happy to announce that we will be releasing the debut from new PVD band Sullest on cassette. Sullest features a bunch of Tor Johnson vets from bands like Weak Teeth, Alpha Owl, Bloodpheasant, and Best Practices; along with members from Good Lord. Look for more info and pre-orders on that soon.

-We will be shipping out the Aneurysm debut LP to the plant in the next couple weeks. Tons of info on that in the last news brief, but we are hapy to say we are co-releasing the record with Constant Disappointment Records. Check them out. Lot of really cool releases.

-We just got some long out of print releases back from one of distros, so if you are looking for anything they are all up on our bandcamp. And as always, we are only able to do this because of your support. Please take a minute and check out the webstore. Every purchase helps us put out more records!

  August 12th 2018

-Holy crap, this year is flying by. We already have 2 releases under our belt for the year. We had two more planned, but now it looks like we might have up to 8 total releases before the year is done (wipes sweat from brow).

-Finally, after all the talk, the new LP from Baton Rouge's Heavy Mantle is now available for pre-order! The record will be released everywhere Sept. 21st. So many exciting things with the record. We have teamed up with local print shop Teeth Like Swords Printing to silk-screen the b-sides on the TJR exclusive blue vinyl, the Heavy Mantle exclusive gold vinyl, some super limited special clear records for the pre-order shirt package, and an exclusive variant for Limited To One Record Store in NYC. We are beyond excited to team up with Limited To One on this release. The store is awesome and we had a ball there for the Modern Vinyl podcast recording. This may be the first colab but is 100% will not be the last!

-In other news, we are pushing forward on the upcoming Aneurysm LP. They recorded at God City with mastering done by Will at Dead Air and Mark McCoy (of Charles Bronson/Das Oath fame) is doing the artwork. There could not be a more fitting way to debut these guys on a full 12"s of wax. We are also excited to be working with a newer Boston band Leopard Print Taser. Featuring members of Lunglust, this project is more on the dream/dark punk side. We're going to be working with the band to press a 7" of their most recent demo. We will also be helping out with the pressing of a split LP between the ever evolving Rations project & a newer band Unknown River Driver (featuring members of Bridge & Tunnel, Lamagna and more). Is there more in the works? Of course there is!!! But that's all we can talk about right now.

-In terms of our numerous bands: Twin Foxes took a little time off but are back for the Rhode Island Freak Out Fest; Cyttorak is playing the first instalment of "Providence Declares War" A Benefit For Bob Otis, and also the Kintaan record release show; Tyler Daniel Bean is making bagels instead of music, so if you are in Burlington VT stop by Willow's; Late Bloomer just released "Waiting" on 6131 Records and its awesome, go buy it.

-As always, thank you for continuing to support us. Please check out the store and pick up some music. Every dollar spent goes to putting out more music!

  June 26th, 2018

-Man, we have been horrible about updates. Sorry everyone! 2018 has been a super busy year already. We are 95% moved into the new TJRHQ. It has been a long process, but we wanted to do it right. All the vinyl and zines are in there, just CDs are still in Teeth Like Swords Printing storage. Thank you all for rolling with us on that.

-With two releases under our belts, it feels like this year is getting back to normal-ish. Twin Foxes LP and Cyttorak's demo tape are out and available. Since the last update we have been working on a Late Bloomer repress. Just in time for their 6131 debut LP "Waiting". If you are in PVD, make sure you come to Revival Fest at Dusk on the 4th of July and see Late Bloomer as they come through.

-In other news, we are working on the Heavy Mantle LP now. 12 songs, 20 minutes, one side of catchy indie rock with a creative new twist. We have all sorts of exciting news coming your way, so keep an eye out for that.

-We were lucky enough to just record a live podcast with Modern Vinyl in NYC. That should be up soon. Hopefully I don't sound like too much of an idiot...but either way, it was very fun! It was recorded at Limited To One Record Store in New York. Expect to see some fresh new collaborations with them in the future, including exclusive vinyl colors and more!

-To round out the year, we'll be mailing out Aneurysm's debut LP in the end of the year. Recorded at God City, this is culmination of more miles on the road than any TJR band previous. Very excited to finally give them the full length treatment.

-As always, please check out the store. Every purchase helps us keep putting out records and getting mroe music in your hands. Thank you for all your continued support and love.

  February 20th, 2018

-Long time no update. We've been holed up for the winter trying to get the new TJRHQ set up. Still have some building planned and other projects...but that doesn't stop the progress of putting out records! Twin Foxes' LP is out and available!! Please take a minute and check it out!

-The next up on the plate is a 1-sided LP from Baton Rouge's Heavy Mantle. We are so excited about this release. Heavy Mantle have figured out the secret behind taking your favorite parts of Small Brown Bike, Fugazi, or Cursive and melting it down to 90 second bursts! Keep an eye out for that.

-As we have been moving, its come to our attention that we are sold out of a lot of stuff. Some of it will stay out of print, but some might come back. Now is the time to pick stuff up. If there are releases of our's that you've been on the fence with picking up, do it before its too late!

-As always, thank you all for your continued support. Please take a minute and check out the webstore. Every record you purchase is another record we can put out!

  December 5th, 2017

-Long time no update. We're really sorry about that. We're in the process of getting the new TJRHQ up and running. Please follow our facebook page or twitter for the most up to date news.

-We are thrilled to announce the debut LP from PVD's Twin Foxes is now up for pre-order in the webstore. We will be releasing it in early 2018 with Boston's Midnight Werewolf Records. The pre-orders will come on coke-bottle clear and with an exclusive cassette tape of demos out of the band's private vault. Check out the first single over on Modern-Vinyl.

-We have decided to sell all our shirts via bandcamp from now on. Their system is better for size inventory than our site. We dropped the price on all sorts of stuff over there, so check it out and buy a shirt!

-As we roll into 2018 we have one more surprise up our sleeve, so keep an eye on social media for that. We're going to be keeping it semi-low profile for the new year with only 1-2 more releases in addition to Twin Foxes. We're going to be concentrating on getting the new HQ set up, inventorying everything, and getting more stuff into stores. If you run a store or distro, get in touch with us, Stickfigure or Ebullition. If you have a favorite store and they don't have TJR releases, have them get in touch!

-As always, thank you for all the continued support. Here comes year 16!!!

  September 15th, 2017
-Wow, long time no update. Sorry everyone. A couple life updates. Around four months ago the apartment building we were living in had a fire. If you saw the updates around then you know all the people, our pets, and the records were all safe. But that said, we were displaced. We moved into temporary housing while we tried to figure out the next step. All the Tor Johnson stuff got moved to Teeth Like Swords Printing and created a massive pile of boxes & records. During this time we kept rolling & released the 15th Anniversary Comp, got the Twin Foxes give-away flexies made, and kept the 15th Anniversary Show moving as scheduled. Well, the good news is that we have purchased a house here in Providence!! There is a lot of work to be done to the basement before it becomes the official TJRHQ, but we are so excited to start this new chapter! Until the basement is up to snuff, we will still be running things out of TLS. As we are working towards that, please consider picking up a record or two. It really helps as we are putting up walls, building shelving, etc. Everything really helps.
-We are slowly moving forward on the Twin Foxes LP. We are excited to be working with Midnight Werewolf from Boston to put it out. The goal is the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Please check out the Twin Foxes bandcamp. They have a 7" and a couple tapes, so pick something up and check out our newest band!
-We have a couple left over "rip" shirts that we did for the Anniversary Show. We have them up on our bandcamp, so check it out and pick something up!
-We are already planning some stuff for next year, so keep your ears to the ground. Looks like a one-sided LP from a sweet band from Louisiana and hopefully a 7" from an amazing new RIHC band! Thanks again for all your support and please consider picking somethig up from the webstore.

  June 26th, 2017

-Holy crap, its been a while since we updated. Lots and LOTS of stuff going on here. First off, next month is the release show/huge party for our 15th Anniversary!! Closer To The Grave will be available, plus tons of bands, limited merch, and so much more!! July 29th at AS220: be there!!!

-Speaking of Closer To The Grave: pre-orders are now available!! We got in the vinyl and jackets and....damn does this release look fucking good!! Get your order in now so you can get one of the limited "blueberry" vinyl versions!

-We are also excited to announce the next release lined up is a full length from Twin Foxes that we will be releasing with Boston label Midnight Werewolf. Expect that in the winter. If you are aroud Providence though, we will have some promo flexies coming our way that will promote the upcoming 15th Anniversary show AND feature a song off the Twin Foxes LP!

-As always, thank you all for your continued support. It means the world to us. We wouldn't still be doing this 15 years later if it wasn't for you.

  March 8th, 2017

-Well, we're a couple months into our 15th year and most of the stuff we have going on is behind the scenes stuff. First off, we the rest of the week through the 12th we are donating 100% of ALL purchases from our bandcamp to Girls Rock RI. Digital, physical, everything. If you have been waiting to check out any of our releases, now is the time.

-If you follow our facebook page, please check it out every Wednesday. We have been posting a "15 Year Recap" where we talk about each release in order. Its been a really fun trip down memory lane for us and we are happy to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it!

-Please keep checking back. Our next release is a super limited lathe cut for Record Store Day that will be only available at Armageddon Boston, Armageddon Providence, and Olympic Records. We are trying to bring the idea of RSD back to its roots: get people in and supporting your LOCAL record store!!

  December 29th, 2016

-Here we are. At the end of our busiest year to date. Two LPs, a double LP, 3 7"s, and an LP repress. Hard to believe we made it through. Thank you all for helping us get through by buying records, telling your friends, and just enjoying the tunes.

-As we enter 2017, the celebration of our 15th year is here!! We have all sorts of fun up our sleeves. Most haven't been announced yet but expect to see a compliation LP with unreleased songs from a bunch of bands on the label, a super limited Record Store Day release for PVD stores, a big show, and more!

-As always, please keep an eye on the upcoming shows if you are in the PVD area. And please check out the store and buy a record or two. Every record you buy helps us keep going. Thank you all!

  November 4th, 2016

-Well, the year is coming to a close and it has been one of our busiest to date. From the 7" of long time TJR family members Raw Blow, to the release of the long awaited Moment discography, to the debut LP from Boston's crushing Ascend/Descend. We want to thank each and every one of you for helping make this such an amazingly busy year.

-We have two last releases to round out the year. The first is now available and ready for shipping. It is the debut 7" from Philly's Ordinary Lives. Ordinary Lives features members of Bridge & Tunnel, Saetia, Off Minor, Books Lie, and more! Pick one up.

-The last release is the much annticipated 2nd LP from Tyler Daniel Bean. This is the 3rd release we've worked with Tyler on (hell, the 2nd this year!) and the second featuring artwork from the amazing Will Schaff (Godspeed You Black Emperor/Songs:Ohia/etc). We are so excited to work with Tyler again. He crafted the perfect late fall/winter record with nods to Pedro The Lion and The One AM Radio. We are still accepting pre-orders but expect the records to mail out shortly.

-Get ready for all sorts of fun next year for our 15th anniversary! Please keep checking out the webstore and help us out! Every order you place helps us keep putting out music.

  October 4th, 2016

-Here we are in October already. This year is just flying by. We are happy to announce our last release for the year: the self-titled 7" by Philly's Ordinary Lives. If you are not familiar with Ordinary Lives they feature members of Saetia, Bridge & Tunnel, Off Minor, and more. This record will be released in time for Ordinary Lives' appearance at this year's The Fest. You can pre-order now and we'll be sure to include a wonderful present.

-Pre-orders are also still available for the Tyler Daniel Bean LP. This is the only way to get the amazing exclusive shirt design, or the art print based on Will Schaff's beautiful cover. Get your order in now before it's too late.

-It looks like Ascend/Descend is going on tour along the East Coast in November, so keep an eye out for that and make sure you see them! Late Bloomer, Sea Of Storms, and Ordinary Lives are playing Fest if you are in Gainesville.

-We have some fun shows coming up in PVD, so check the shows page. And as always, please check the store. Every purchase helps us continue to put out records. Thank you.

  September 15th, 2016

-The day is here!! Today pre-orders for the brand new Tyler Daniel Bean LP are now available!! We are super excited to be working with Will Schaff on the amazing artwork, and the guys over at Skeletal Lightning to co-release this record. We have a couple options available: LP, shirt, and an insane limited pack with a print & fresh bread!

-And since the fun never stops over here, expect to see pre-orders for the Ordinary Lives 7" very soon. We will probably have some sort of crazy pre-order give away too. Bread? Probably not, but something rad!

-After these couple records, expect us to keep low until next year. We're planning a 15 Year Anniversary Comp and maybe another awesome reissue.

  August 7th, 2016

-Half way through the year and we already have 4 release under our belts! Holy crap! Ascend/Descend is out and available. You can check it out over on our bandcamp page.

-Our next two releases are already at the plant, so keep an eye out for those. We'll be announcing pre-orders and such once test presses are approved. But we are super happy to get the Ordinary Lives 7" and new Tyler Daniel Bean LP out in the world!

-Next year is out 15th year as a label!! Can you believe it? We can't. We have some fun stuff planned. Expect a fun compilation or two. We're also trying to work on another big re-release. Maybe some special merch too.

-We're running a special over at the webstore to make room for all the new releases we have coming up. Use coupon code "bigisbetter" to get 50% off any order of $100 or more!! Stock up your collection now. Coupon is good until the end of August.

  June 29th, 2016

-Well shit, here we are half way through our 14th year and it is STUPID busy over here! We have 3 releases out and pre-orders are up for a 4th (with 5th and 6th already planned!!)! Holy crap, this is one of our busiest years!

-FINALLY!! The Moment Discography is out in the world!! We are so happy to finally have this see the light of day. Its been 4 years in the making and its finally real! If you have never heard Moment, go to our bandcamp and take a listen. If you like it, pick up a copy of the record! There are so many people that made this possible, so thanks to each of you.

-And on to the next! Pre-orders for the debut LP from Boston's Ascend/Descend are now up!! If you don't know this new group, they are playing fast, pissed off, crushing hardcore. Featuring members of American Nightmare, Chrome Over Brass, Lunglust, Phantom Glue, Math The Band, and more! Get this shit now! We are offering a pre-order exclusive shirt too. Very excited to have a hand in putting this out with our long-time friends at Dead Tank Records.

-Keep an eye out for the last two releases to round out the year: a 7" from Philly's Ordinary Lives and a new LP from our bestie Tyler Daniel Bean! As always, please check out the webstore. Every purchase, no matter how small, helps us keep going. Thank you all!

  April 30th, 2016

-Long time no updates. So much going on here at TJRHQ. First the Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir split is out and available to the world!! Huge thanks to Will Schaff for the amazing art and Lois at Orb Weaver for helping put it out! We have a couple extra posters that were give-aways for pre-orders. If you order soon, you'll get one too!

-After four years in the making, the Moment Discography is up for pre-order!! Vinyl should be in our hands late May/early June. Please pre-order now. We have bundle deals available with exclusive shirts or hoodies, and you can pre-order all the colors as well.

-We're already off and running on the next releases too. Ascend/Decend's debut LP is at the plant now thanks to our friends at Dead Tank Records. We are excited to announce that Will Schaff will be doing art on the upcoming Tyler Daniel Bean LP, and its looking amazing.

-As always, we can't do any of this without your help. Please take a look through our webstore and pick something up. Every purchase helps grease the wheels of industry!

  March 27th, 2016

-Three months into our 14th year and our 2nd release is out and available! The infamous Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir - "Live At Dead Air" split 7" is now available! Pick one up. We have limited amounts of beautiful 11"x17" posters with the amazing art by Will Schaff (Godspeed, Songs:Ohia, etc).

-Now that the Raw Blow 7", the split, and the Bloodpheasant repress are out...on to the next! Pre-orders for the Moment Discography will go live in the beginning of April. Ascend/Descend LP is off to the plants. The new Tyler Daniel Bean LP is getting mastered now. Gonna be a crazy year, so order a record and help us out.

-We're sort of back in the show booking game...sort of. Our friends in The Worriers (x-The Measure SA/The Ergs) are coming through AS220 on April 16th and we can't wait!

  February 7th, 2016

-Second month into 2016 and we're hitting the ground running! Raw Blow's Slow Choke 7" is out and available. Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir split will have pre-orders up soon, as will the Moment discography!!

-We are excited to announce that in addition to everything else we're doing this year, we will also be pressing the debut 12" from Boston's Ascend/Descend with our friends at Dead Tank Records. A/D features members of American Nightmare, Lunglust, Math The Band, Phantom Glue, and more! Its been a while since we put out some good crusty hardcore, and we can't wait!

-The second press of the Bloodpheasant LP is in. We'll have those for sale by the end of the month. The pressing is limited to 100 random mix marble records with re-vamped artwork.

-We just recently did some new Tor Johnson shirts as well. So pick on up and show your support! Thanks, as always, for all your continued support of everything we do.

  December 23rd, 2015

-Well, long time no update. Its been a whirlwind of a year here at the TJR hoursehold. Because of that, the label took a little bit of a backseat to "real life". But we were still able to release two killer records this year!!

-We have so much working in the background to make 2016 a crazy awesome year! We'll be kicking off the year with a 7" from Raw Blow followed closely by the Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir split. By spring we'll see the final release of the long-awaited Moment discography and the debut 7" from Ordinary Lives. And we'll round out the year with the second LP from Tyler Daniel Bean!

-We are down to the last copies of the Bloodpheasant LP, Weak Teeth What A Plague You Are LP, Late Bloomer LP, Tyler Daniel Bean 7", and 10-Year Anniversary 7". If you are missing any of those from your collection, make sure to pick one up. You might see some new pressings of one or two of those releases, but most of them are gone once they are gone. And you missed our two releases this year, Sea Of Storms LP and Aneurysm 45, make sure to grab those too!!

-To round out the year, we are adding more and more distro titles to the webstore, so take a scan through and make sure to grab some new music! Everything you purchase helps us continue to put out rad records! Thanks for all your support in our 13th year (2015) of "business"!

  September 25th, 2015

-The day is here! Aneurysm pre-orders are now available!! Get your order in now. The first 50 orders get a custom 3D printed 45 adapter for their turntable! So excited about this give away. Make sure to place your order now.

-Tyler Daniel Bean has made the way into the studio and recorded his half of the "Live At Dead Air" split 7" with Au Revoir. Because of pressing plant wait times, expect to see this out in the world early 2016.

-The ball is continuing to roll with the Moment Discography. Packaging has started being hand silk screened by our friends at Teeth Like Swords Printing. Music will be off to the plant by the end of the year.

-As always, please take a minute and scroll through the webstore. We have tons of awesome stuff and most of it discounted. Pick up some new music!

  June 27th, 2015

-Slowly but surely we're getting all the pieces for our first release of the year. Sea Of Storms jackets & inserts are in our hands. We're just waiting on the ever elusive vinyl. Make sure to place a pre-order and insure you are the first to receive one.

-We recently went through the webstore and discounted TONS more releases. Check it out and pick up some new music on the cheap.

-Our newest members of the "family", Aneurysm, made a music video for one of their songs off their upcoming release. Check out "Handbook For The Recently Diseased" off the "Veronica" 45. More information on the record, pre-orders, etc coming soon.

  June 4th, 2015

-If you didn't see, we got in tests for the Sea Of Storms LP and they sound AWESOME!! Make sure to pre-order one on our exclusive "bubblebee" vinyl, or hit up Self Aware Records for "yellow snow" vinyl...or see Sea Of Storms on tour right now and get a limited edition tour version.

-Aneurysm 7"s are off to the plant as well. Super excited about our first "big-hole" 45. Keep your eyes out for more info on that.

-We have a couple other things in the works, as always. Waiting for Tyler Daniel Bean to heal up and record his half of the Au Revoir split 7", still working away at the Moment Discography (still looking at an early 2016 release date), and a couple other possible things. Keep your eyes peeled.

-Lastly, the TJR fam are going on vacation! And since we love coupons/sales/stupid shit use code "allieverwanted" in the webstore from today through the 11th of June to save 35% off your order (pre-orders excluded). Orders will ship after the 11th, so give us a bunch of stuff to do when we get back from relaxing!

  May 6th, 2015

-The day is finally here!! Sea Of Storms LPs are now up for pre-order. Check out the webstore for more info and to place your order. As always, pre-orders will come with some exclusive thing. Probably alternate silk-screened artwork.

-We are also mailing out the Aneurysm 7" to the plant today!! Finally. Can't wait for everyone to get assaulted with this rad piece of wax. More info on that will be coming as it comes.

-We have a couple more shows booked here in Providence, then we will be taking some time off from booking to concentrate on getting these records in your hands, and also a couple other releases we have in the works...including making this Moment Discography a reality!

-Thanks again for all your continued support. Please check out the webstore, our shows listing, and everything else! Thank you everything.

  February 9th, 2015

-Its been a snowy couple weeks here in Rhode Island, so we're getting some organizing done here at TJRHQ. We went through the webstore and marked down a bunch of records that have been sitting around. Check it out and pick up some rad new music!!

-Well, the beginning of this year has been a little slow, but we have a lot going on in the background. Currently waiting for the Sea Of Storms masters to come back so those can go off to the plant, Tyler Daniel Bean to record his side of the split with Au Revoir, and a couple other things. But the wheels are turning, so we will have more info on everything soon.

-In the mean time, we have some rad shows coming up. Check out the shows page for more info. Also Bloodpheasant will be hitting the road next week and Late Bloomer will be out and about in late March. Make sure to check them out if they are going to be around your area!!

-As always, we are only able to continue to put out awesome tunes because of your support. Please check out the webstore and help us out. You get awesome music and help get more awesome music out in the world!! Thanks again!

  January 5th, 2015

-First of all, we just want to say thank you for an amazing year in 2014. We had 6 releases, more than any other year before. Releases from old and new friends, some with the help of other awesome labels. Also thank you to Razorcake for the fun interview and the chance to showcase what we do. That issue of is available for free from us with payment of shipping (or by seeing us on the street), of for a couple bucks in the webstore. Please check it out.

-As a lot of you have seen on social media, the New Year has started with a bang. The practice space/art collective/sometimes show space we help run called Squid Amps had a pipe burst in the building and a lot of equipment got rained on. This space is home/former home to label bands including Weak Teeth, Bloodpheasant, Alpha Owl, Best Practices, jesuscentric, and imadethismistake; along with tons of other bands not on the label. There were other spaces affected too, including one housing a new band with members of Tiny Hawks, Megasus, and Loon. At this point damages are still being calculated, but to help get the ball rolling we have made our entire bandcamp "pay-what-you-want". Pick up some new music and help out all the musicians effected by this. You can also check out our tumblr for links to some of the individual bands if you would rather support them that way.

-In other news, this year is shaping up to be an awesome one. We have 3 7"s planned, an LP, and hopefully plan on getting the ball rolling again on the Moment Discography 2xLP. Please take a moment and check out our webstore. Maybe pick up a new record and help keep everything moving. Thanks again for all your support at we go into lucky year 13. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all your help.

  November 20th, 2014

-We are happy to say that we should have Weak Teeth vinyl in our hands this weekend. We have ended our pre-orders that included the exclusive shirt so that our friends at Teeth Like Swords Printing have time to get them done for us. But you can still order the vinyl through us, Riotous Outburst, or FITA. EU friends, please remember, we still need to ship FITA their vinyl so it will be in your hands soon, but not this weekend.

-We should have our hands on the Lunglust cassettes shortly as well. They are limited and on purple shells, so make sure you pick one up. For those that don't know, Lunglust is members of a bunch of killer Boston bands and have been at it for a couple years. Very excited to have a hand in their first physical release.

-That will do it for 2014 releases, but we already have a couple in the works for 2015. A split 7" with an artist we've worked with before and one new to the TJR family, that will have abosultely killer artwork as well. An LP with long time friends of TJR. Hell, maybe that Moment Discography will finally see the light of day. Until then, please take a look through the webstore and help us out by buying some music. Everything you purchase gets us a step closer to putting out more records. Thanks again for your support.

  October 23rd, 2014

-As many of you saw yesterday, pre-order for the new Weak Teeth LP are now up. You can stream the entire record at Dying Scene.com. All UK/EU fans can pre-order from FITA Records, US fans have pre-orders up at Riotous Outburst or (for a little more money) through us with an exclusive shirt. Check out the record. And if you are going down to The Fest, make sure to see Weak Teeth and grab a limited edition of the LP (and see Late Bloomer too cause they rule!).

-Death To Tyrants 7"s are out and about. If you have not picked up a copy, make sure you do! We have a co-record release show with Weak Teeth at AS220. Check the shows page, cause this one is insane.

-Next up is a cassette from Boston's Lunglust. Should be out by the end of the year. Its two of their most recent digital-only eps on one physical release. We also already have some awesome stuff up our sleeves for 2015, so keep an eye out!

-We just a had a return from Ebullition since they are moving into a smaller warehouse. In that return were some first press copies of Weak Teeth's What A Plague You Are on our exclusive baby blue vinyl. Those are up in the webstore, so make sure to grab one if you don't already have it.

-As always, thank you for all your continued support. We wouldn't be here, doing this if it wasn't for you.   September 23rd, 2014

-Long time no update. Big news going on over here. First off, the new Death To Tyrants record is up for pre-orders!! Check it out streaming on our bandcamp page, and place an order now to get all the fun goodies that will come with the pre-orders.

-Second, the Weak Teeth record is off to the plant!! We are happy to be releasing this record with our friends FITA Records from the UK and Riotous Outburtst from here in Providence. You can stream the first track, album art, and track listing at Modern-Vinyl.com. We will announce pre-orders once we get in test presses and approve them!

-We have some more fun stuff in the works as well. A cassette from Boston's Lunglust, a split release in the spring, and more. Keep an eye out for all our fun stuff.

-Last, but not least, please check out the webstore. Every purchase you make helps us put out more records. We also have grown our exclusive t-shirt selections, so check that out too. Shirts from Tyler Daniel Bean, Best Practices, Now Denial, and A Fine Boat That Coffin. Thanks again for all your support

  June 5th, 2014

-Its been a while since we updated the news page. So much going on here, so here goes.

-Its official, today we have launched pre-orders for our next release!! We are happy to be helping put out the second LP from North Carolina's Late Bloomer with Self Aware Records and Lunchbox Records. This records just blows us away. For fans of that late 80s/early 90s Sub-Pop/SST/Merge sound. You can check out a track over at Noisey today and pre-order in our webstore. Like all our pre-orders, we will be giving away fun stuff with each order.

-We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that ordered a Bloodpheasant LP. All the records shipped and are in our distros as well. If you don't have a copy yet, you need to fix that situation.

-Looks like after the Late Bloomer LP we will be laying low until October, but then we have the 2nd LP from Weak Teeth coming your way. We are also excited to say that we will be releasing the first new music in over 8 years from some old friends of ours. Its our first release with them, but we have worked together in the past on shows and such. We are very excited to get this out into the world...but for now speculation will have to run rampant.

-As always, keep an eye on our shows page. Tyler Daniel Bean will be on the road for a couple dates in June and Weak Teeth will be going out with Bloodpheasant in August.

-Last, but not least, please check out the webstore. We keep getting awesome stuff in. Thanks again for all your support.

  March 20th, 2014

-Today is a big day. Our friends over at Modern Vinyl are hosting an exclusive full stream of the Bloodpheasant LP. At the same time, we have gone live with pre-orders in the webstore. All pre-orders will be on opaque yellow with redsmoke vinyl, and the first 20 orders will get a 5.5" x 17" 2-color silk screen poster designed by the same amazing artist that did their cover art. As of right now, pre-orders will be shipping April 16th or so. Thank you again for your support with this release.

-So the cat is out of the back for our next release after Bloodpheasant. In an interview with PunkNew.Org Late Bloomer from NC let slip that we are helping put out their new LP "Things Change". Very excited to work with them, as well as Self-Aware Records & Lunchbox Records. This is the follow up to their s/t LP & split 7" with Old Flings. Amazing band for fans of late 80s/early 90s indie ala Merger/SST/Sub-Pop stuff. Check out their first LP & that split when you can. Get familiar and get ready. We're looking at an early summer release.

-We are in the process of getting shirts made from our bands and available to you in the webstore. New Best Practices & Now Denial shirts are in the works. We should have those soon.

-Check out the shows page. Not only do we have a bunch of shows booked, but you can keep track of our bands' shows and make sure to catch them. Go support live music.

-And lastly, please take a moment and check out our webstore. Tons of amazing stuff available. Everything you add to your collection helps us put out more music.

  March 8th, 2014

-Ok everyone, 2014 is already knee deep. TJRHQ has been moved to its new home. Still have some unpacking to do,but for the most part we are up and running. Thank you all for your orders & support during that.

-Alpha Owl 3-song EP cassette is out and shipping! Our friends at Spofford Press did an amazing job on the covers. This is an actual piece of art. Comes with a download code, hand typewritten insert, and these amazing covers. Pick it up if you haven't yet.

-Bloodpheasant Traum LP is off and running. Jackets are at the printers, vinyl is at the plant, and we're getting ready to go. We'll announce pre-orders and such as soon as we approve test presses.

-As always, please check out the webstore. Every order help get more releases closer to completion. The more you order, the more records we can put out. Thanks again for all your support.

  January 8th, 2014

-Happy new year everyone. We're digging into everything we have planned for 2014. A couple things have been announced, but we have more in the works. We're waiting on masters & artwork for the Bloodpheasant LP, Alpha Owl is finishing up recording for their cassette. Hopefully we will have updates on these releases & everything else we have in the works by the end of the month.

-Everything from Teenage Disco Bloodbath has cataloged & inventoried. All the releases with original packaging are up in the webstore. Some of the releases are missing packaging, so we will be adding more once packaging gets designed & printed.

-We will be running a special...forever. If you order any two TDB or TJR releases, you will get a free release in the same format. Feel free to mix and match as well.

-For the first time in 7 years, we will be moving TJRHQ in March. Because of this, we are running the coupon code "moving" in the webstore. Pick something up & save some money.

-As always, thank you for all your support with everything. We are able to do what we do because of you.

  November 30th, 2013

-Wow, its been a while since we updated the news on this site. So, here goes. It might not look like we have much going on, but you would be surprised. We have three confirmed releases for the beginning of 2014. Look for an LP, 7", and cassette before the summer! Very excited to get these ones out into the world.

-For "black friday"/"small business saturday"/"something-or-other sunday"/"cyber monday" we have a coupon running to give 30% off your order. Use code "gobble" and get some great records at a discount.

-Keeping checking out our "shows" page. We try to keep it as updated as possible with shows from all our bands. It might look like many of our bands are laying low, but there is plenty going on. Word on the street is that Weak Teeth are actually writting a new record too! Can't wait to hear it.

-We are also going to try to get the ball rolling again on the Moment Discography this year as well. Everything got delayed while figuring out the art (still in the process now) and with releasing records from active bands. We're hoping to get everything back on track this year & get this amazing release in your hands.

-As always, please keep checking back & keep checking the webstore. We continue to get amazing releases in from other labels all over the world. And every purchase you make in the webstore is another step closer to more amazing records getting released. Thank you all again.

  October 12th, 2013

-Well its been an exciting couple months here at TJRHQ. We recently took over full distribution of Boston's Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records. Check out their stuff in the webstore. Amazing records from Die Young, Engineer, Tides, and so much more.

-The DVD of our ridiculous 10-Year Show last year is now available. Check it out. This is our first DVD release and we are really proud of it.

-It might seem like we're laying low with now "officially" announced releases...but we have a lot going on that we can't announce just yet. Looks like there might be another LP release before the end of the year, or beginning of next year. We also have a couple more tricks up our sleeves for next year. Don't worry, we'll keep you updated.

-It looks like we are down to less than 10 color vinyl copies of both the Best Practices & Tyler Daniel Bean 7"s. We are also down to a handful of copies of Fuck Now Denial, Jesuscentric, and color copies of Weak Teeth LPs. So, if you are in need of any of these releases pick one up before they are gone!

-As always, please check out the webstore. We have tons of amazing stuff hidden in there. And ever purchase helps us put out more amazing stuff. Thanks again.

  September 4th, 2013

-Wow, its already September. Where did the time go? This year we have put out more releases than any of our 11 years prior. Everything is here, everything is available. 7"s from Providence's Best Practices, Vermont's Tyler Daniel Bean, and Long Island's Rations, as well as our first DVD release ever. Last year we had a huge 10-Year Anniversary Show. That show was recorded and this is the awesome result.

-We have a couple more surprises up our sleeves. We'll see what comes out when, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

-In an odd turn of events, we are now the exclusive distributor of Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records. Check out all the stuff we have available in the webstore. Amazing releases from Engineer, Tides, Litany For The Whale, Coctopus, No Idols, and so much more!!

-As always, please check out the webstore & help us to continue put out great releases.

  July 20th, 2013

-After a whirlwind couple months, we have 3 new releases out in the world. They are 7"s from Providence's Best Practices, Burlington's Tyler Daniel Bean, and Long Island's Rations. All of them are out and about available through all our distros & in the webstore. A huge thank you to anyone that has picked one up so far.

-Speaking of Tyler Daniel Bean, he is off on a huge full US tour. All the details are posted on the shows page. If he is coming through your town, please take the chance to see him. You will not be disappointed.

-Our other bands have some shows coming up too. Please keep an eye on the shows page, as we update it as often as we can. Saint Jude has a couple, as do Weak Teeth & Best Practices. Now Denial have walled themselves in the lab & are spending the summer writting. Can't wait to hear the riffs they churn out!!

-The DVD is getting closer and closer. We have set a release date: September 7th. We will have them for that show!! We probably won't do much of a pre-order, they will just magically appear! So keep your eyes peeled for that.

-Lastly, as always, please check out the webstore and help us keep doing what we do. There are a lot of hidden gems in there. First presses, out of print stuff, etc. Take the time and look around. Thanks for everything.

  June 2nd, 2013

-Best Practices vinyl is in and pre-orders have started shipping!! Feel free to head over to the webstore & grab a copy. Best Practices have made their exclusive color available on their bandcamp, so grab a copy from them too. Copies will also be going out to all our distributors and stores, so please support brick & mortar locations too.

-Onwards, pre-orders for our newest release: Tyler Daniel Bean's Everything You Do Scares Me 7" will go live Tuesday June 4th in the AM. So check back then. The first 50 orders between us and Kat Kat Records will get an exclusive packaging variant!! We will also have a rad shirt design to go along with the orders.

-As always, we try to stay on top of the shows page. Keep checking back so you can see some bands in your town.

-Progress has continued on the 10-Year Anniversary DVD. The goal is to have it see the light of day in time for Saint Jude to play Foo Fest in August. We will also be working on a little DVD release party around the same time. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

-Once again, thank you for your continued support. Please keep checking out the webstore & getting somenew music for your ear holes.

  May 5th, 2013

-Tomorrow, between 2 & 3 pm EST, we will be lauching pre-orders for the new 7" from Best Practices called Sore Subjects. We are releasing this auction slab on vinyl with Willow Tree Records. There will be a couple options: single 7" on the TJR exclusive color, or both the TJR & WTR exclusive colors. There is also an exclusive variant of Best Practics' new "Tattooed Gandolf" shirt design. To make this all more fun, the first 10 pre-orders will receive one of a kind wood burned cover art.

-In addition to the pre-orders, we will be offering 50% off all Tor Johnson releases. So finish up your collection by picking up any TJR releases you are missing!!

-We are also proud to announce that we will be part of a 30 label co-release for a new 7" from Long Island's Rations. Features members of Bridge & Tunnel, and more. Be on the look-out for that in the future.

  March 15th, 2013

-So, we "officially" announced a new release via facebook & twitter yesterday. We are happy to announce that we will be presenting Sore Subjects by Best Practices on 7" vinyl this spring. This is the follow up to The EP LP, released on Tiny Engines last year. Best Practices features members from TJR bands Weak Teeth & Jesuscentric, as well as Wow, Owls & Light The Fuse & Run. We will be releasing this record with our good friends at Willow Tree Records. We'll be announcing pre-order fun once we approve test presses, but for now if you don't already have The EP LP you can get it direct from Tiny Engines & you can listen to Sore Subjects on Best Practice's bandcamp.

-We are slowly, but surely, getting a bandcamp page going. We will be adding every single release. That means analog only, out of print, everything. Also every release will be available for cheap download, even releases not available through other digital sources. Keep an eye out for that.

-We will also be the digital distributor for Boston's Olde Growth EP. They just announced it yesterday. Very excited to be involved with this project, as that band is amazing. Check them out when you can.

-Last, but never least, please take a moment to go through the webstore. There is tons of amazing music hidden in there. Most of it not put out by us. The shipping calculator has been fixed and should give you direct quotes from USPS. Thanks, as always for your continued support.

  February 8th, 2013

-So, thanks to the massive Blizzard Nemo, we are snowed in at TJRHQ. We decided we would love to spend this time packing up your mail-orders. Head over to the webstore and use coupon code "snowmaggedon" for 20% off your order for the remainder of this weekend. PS, that is on top of other sales still going on!!

-We decided to have a quick "Kick In The New Year" sale. All Tor Johnson Records releases in the webstore are 50% off through the end of Feb, and we're looking to clean out the basement/make some loot for our upcoming releases: All Zines, Posters, and Used CDs are 50% off through the end of 2013!! Get some swag!!

-Looks like we will have edited footage of the 10-Year Show to approve for the DVD by the end of the month. Hopefully this means the DVD will be available by spring time!! Everything else is moving along. The Moment double LP Discography is still in the works. Music has been re-mastered and artwork is being worked on. We have also started work on 2-3 more releases. One of which with an awesome old friend that will be out by early summer. More details on that coming soon.

-As always, thank you all for your support. We wouldn't exsist without you. Please continue to help. Check out the webstore, pick up something rad. Every little bit helps.

  December 31st, 2012

-QUICK UPDATE: We decided to have a quick "Kick In The New Year" sale. All Tor Johnson Records releases in the webstore are 50% off through the end of Feb, and we're looking to clean out the basement/make some loot for our upcoming releases: All Zines, Posters, and Used CDs are 50% off through the end of 2013!! Get some swag!!

-Here it is, New Year's Eve. The last day on our 10th year. Thank you all for a great year. We didn't see too many releases, but did have a very busy year. There was our first ever 2nd press in the form of Weak Teeth - What A Plague You Are. We had a crazy anniversary show with reunions from Saint Jude, Another Dead Juliet, Hulk Out, and Pretty Faces. And of course the release of our 10-Year Anniversary Comp, the first 7" we've put out since 2004 or so. We want to thank each and every one of you that has helped get us where we are today. Here's to 10 more years!!

-While we're talking about today, we just did a very in depth interview with the good people at Mordern Vinyl for their "Meet & Greet" series. Check it out. Hope you all enjoy and sorry about the long answers. click here to read the interview

-Lastly, here's to an amazing 2013. Hopefully the 10-Year Show DVD will be out early in the year and more planned throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for your support!!   November 22nd, 2012

-So, we have decided instead of running a holiday sale this year we are passing the savings on to charity. Every sale from 11/22/12 til 12/25/12 we will donate 40% to Girls Rock! Rhode Island. This program is amazing and needs to be supported by more in the scene. Remember this, is "Not Just Boys Fun". For more info on Girls Rock! check them out: www.girlsrockri.org

-We have so much stuff in the works for 2013. Be on the look out. Nothing we can annouce right now other than the 10-Year Anniversary Show DVD. But keep your ears to the ground for more.

-We have also updated the music player and added the Pretty Faces song from the TJR 10-Year Anniversary 7" Compilation. Enjoy. That is the only digital track that will be available. This, like the Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk Out LP, is an analog only release!

-Keep checking out the shows page. We are keeping updated on any shows TJR bands are playing, as well as great stuff we are booking.

-As always, thanks and please keep checking back!

  September 10th, 2012

-So, the 10-Year Anniversary 7" Compilation is now over 1/3rd gone!! Thanks to everyone that purchased a copy. It means everything to us. For those of you that have not purchased a copy yet, grab one while you can! This record will NOT be re-pressed. You can get a copy through Interpunk, our webstore, or your local record store. If you store doesn't carry it have them get it from Ebulltion Distro or Stickfigure Distro!

-Weak Teeth is hitting the road in the end of September, heading to the mid-west. Check out the dates on our shows page. If you are in the area, make sure you see them. They will have copies of the 10-Year Comp featuring their unreleased song "Killers". Then in the end of October, they will be making their yearly appearance at The Fest in Gainesville. They will be melting faces at The Lab on Saturday night. Go hang out with them!!

- In other Fest news, we will be making our first appearance at The Fest this year! We won't have a chance to set up at the "Flea Market", but we will have some merch at the Weak Teeth show. Come say hi!!

-Now Denial will also be hitting the road in early October. They will be hitting northern New England through NJ over the course of a couple weekends. Keep an eye on the shows page for updates, as they happen. They will also have copies of the 10-Year Comp featuring two live recordings of ripping Misfits covers!! Make sure to grab a copy!

-Furnace recently made a 3-Song Sampler available to get your teeth wet for the upcoming LP. Its not accessable online, you have to contact those jokers and get it from them...but its worth it!! Hit those guys up...and maybe buy some merch from them in the process so they can get in the studio and finish this killer slab of wax.

-We're starting to get to work on future releases for 2013. Looking at our first double LP release...maybe our first 10" release as well. Get excited about some awesome music.

-And, of course, please check out the webstore and order some music. We have tons of awesome stuff available right now. For those of you who follow us on facebook or twitter, you know about an awesome way to save yourself some money. If you don't follow us...maybe you should.

  July 29th, 2012

-So finally, the 10-Year Anniversary 7" Compilation is in hand! If you don't have a copy, pick one up. We pressed all 300 copies on random mixed marble vinyl, so who knows what color you'll get! Unreleased & rare tracks from Saint Jude, Weak Teeth, Now Denial, Pretty Faces, A Fine Boat That Coffin & more! All copies come with hand silk-screened packaging designed by Providence's infamous Scoots from CultureVoid.

-We want to take this chance to remind any of you that run stores or distros, please get in touch with Ebullition or Stickfigure. Keep all the Tor Johnson releases in stock and in your customers hands!

-Both Weak Teeth & Now Denial will be hitting the road in the fall. Make sure you keep an eye on the show listings and go rock out when they come to your town.

-Furnace should be heading into the studio soon to finish the recording for their new LP. This record proves to melt any & all turntables that take it for a spin. Be on the look out for that.

-Thanks again to all of you. Please take a moment to check out the webstore. We get new stuff in all the time. Bet there is at least one thing you would enjoy...

  May 20th, 2012

-Damn, has it been hectic since the last update. First off, a huge thank you to everyone that came out to the 10-Year Anniversary Show. It was possibly the best night we've had in the longest time. It was so wonderful to see band that haven't played in over 6-7 years. We're also excited to announce that the entire show was recorded by our friends at Undead Press and we plan on having a DVD out by the end of the year!!

-We are also happy to announce that our 10-Year Omnibus 7" Compilation is up for pre-order in the webstore. Hopefully we will have the vinyl in our hands soon, and then it will be in your hands. The record has unreleased songs from A Fine Boat, That Coffin and Saint Jude, live song from Now Denial, and a hard-to-find song from Pretty Faces; plus a bunch of other unreleased songs on the download card from Weak Teeth, Jesuscentric and more! The record features silk screened art from the Providence's infamous Scoots. If you pre-order the record, you will get an email with the download code right away!!

-In other release new, the Furnace record is still in the works. They have a little more recording to do, then mixing/mastering/etc. We are looking at late summer/early fall right now and are happy to announce that we will be releasing it with our good friends Intense Human Victories!

-We will be announcing a couple other releases later this year too. One is an awesome 2xLP discography that we have been working on since the beginning of the year. That will be released with our friends at Willow Tree Records, All About Records, and Teeth Like Swords. The other is a new LP from some good friends in Boston. Everyone keep your eyes out!!

-As always, thank you so much for all your support. Please check out the webstore for some great records, and if you don't have a copy of the Weak Teeth LP yet...what are you waiting for?!?!? The second press on purple vinyl is in the webstore now!

  April 13th, 2012

-Wow, we just realized how long its been since we did an update on here. Guess its about time.

-Weak Teeth What A Plague You Are 2nd press is in!!! Thank you to all of you that purchased a first press and made all this possible. This is the first re-press in TJR history! Now it would be awesome if you all told your friends to buy it too!

-There has been a slight change of plans to the 10-Year Anniversary Comp. It will now be a 7" with tons of extras on the downloadcode. The record itself will have unreleased stuff from Saint Jude, Now Denial, Pretty Faces, and A Fine Boat That Coffin. Meanwhile you will get extras from Weak Teeth, Jesuscentric, The Defeat, and more in the download code. We might not be able to get it all done in time for the show, so we will be offering a deal where you can go home with the download code and we'll mail you a copy for a low price!

-Furnace has laid down all the music for their upcoming LP! We are so excited!! Also, we are happy to annouce we will be releasing it with our good friends at Intense Human Victories! Get ready for the most brutal record of 2012!

-We are happy to announce that everything is set for the 10 Year Anniversary Show! Go to the shows page and check it out. Should be the event of the year! We'll have limited merch too, so get excited!

  February 22nd, 2012

-Well it looks like time for another update. There is so much going on behind the scenes here. First off, the second press of Weak Teeth's What A Plague You Are is under way. Looks like we should have it all together in April at some point.

-Furnace is getting ready to go in the studio to record their LP. We're looking at mid- summer for that one. It also looks like we will be co-releasing it with our good friends at Intense Human Victories. So excited to be working with them again. Expect this records to be one of your favorites of 2012.

-Everything is shaping up for the 10-Year Anniversary. The line up is nailed down and listed on the shows page. Check it out and get excited!! Also everything is gearing up for the Anniversary LP. It will have unreleased songs from Jesuscentric, A Fine Boat That Coffin, Yavinfive, Saint Jude, Weak Teeth, and maybe more. This LP will be ready for the show and be a limited one time press of 300. It looks like Providence's infamous Scoots will be providing art. You might recogonize his art from the awesome Third Death skater.

-Well to end this, please check out our webstore. Everything you order helps make these releases becoming a reality. For those of you that are local, choose "pick up in store" for free hand-delivery. Also if you want to place a big order, use coupon code "20o30" for 20% off orders $30 or more!!

  January 5th 2012

-So, its official: Tor Johnson Records is now 10 years old!!! Thank you all for everything over the years. Special thanks to Ebullition and Stickfigure for being amazing distros. All the local stores for helping with everything: Armageddon, Contrast, Cathartic, Analog Underground, and Olympic. And of course all the amazing bands we work and have worked with!! We love you all.

-To go along with this wonderful anniversary, we will be having a huge show at AS220 in Providence on May 12th. As of right now you can expect a reunion from Another Dead Juliet, a reunion from Pretty Faces; Now Denial, Furnace, and Weak Teeth will also be rocking! Expect more announcments in the future. We will be filming the show as well for our first DVD release that will hopefully be out by the end of the year!

-Also in time for the reunion show, we will be doing a 12" Compilation with out of print and unreleased stuff from our awesome bands. We'll be doing limited silk screened packaging for this too! We should have the new Furnace Lp out soon too.

-Lastly, we are out of print on the Weak Teeth LP at the moment. We will hopefully be doing a second press as soon as Flannel Gurl is out of their copies. If you missed this sweet release and still need a copy, locals can check out Armageddon, Olympic, Analog Underground, or The Time Capsule; non-locals can pick it up from Ebullition, Stickfigure, Vinyl Junkie, Interpunk, and a couple other distros. Thanks for making this the fastest selling TJR release so far.

  December 4th 2011

-Well within a month, the Weak Teeth LP is almost out of print through me. All our distros have copies, Weak Teeth is almost out of copies, Flannel Gurl still has a bunch. Thanks to all the support of this awesome release. Expect a second press soon (the first ever repress of any TJR release!!!!). We'll be doing color varients and a varient center label. So don't worry Weak Teeth fans, we'll have plenty of records to go around.

-In other news, we have nailed out the date for our huge 10 year anniversary show!!! The show will be on May 12th at AS220. Keep an eye on the shows page we get the bands lined up. This will be huge, so get ready!!

-We are also getting everything together for the comp LP that will be out by the show. It will have OOP, unreleased, and re-mastered tracks from all sorts of TJR bands. We're gonna limit it to a one time pressing on 300 random mix marble vinyl with hand silk screened packaging! Get excited for this jem. We'll be keeping the price low on it to get it in your hands!

-We're also gearing up for our next release coming up. Furnace will be going in the studio in the early new year to record their full length. Expect it out and in your hands by spring 2012 at the latest!! This will be sure to be a killer record and we can't wait to get it out!

-Lastly, please go to the webstore and check out all the stuff we have for sale. We keep getting more awesome stuff in!! We're also offering a litte "Holiday Cheer" sale. Use coupon code holiday to get 25% off your whole order!!

  November 1st, 2011

-Its finally out!! Pick up your copy of Weak Teeth - What A Plague You Are LP!! For those of you in New England, you can get copies from Armageddon Providence & Boston, Analog Underground, Olympic Records, The Time Capsule Cranston & Seekonk. For those of you outside of New Englang, you can get them from Interpunk, Stickfigure, Punk 'n Junk, Ebullition, Vinyl Junkie, and of course our webstore. Get a copy now and rock the fuck out!!

-Now that we have that release out...time to focus on more! We're looking at the newest Furnace LP next, the 10 Year Anniversary Comp LP, and that amazing secret release we're working on for next year.....Trust me, everyone needs to get excited about that!

-As per always, please check out our webstore. We keep getting in awesome stuff in and keep the prices low for you. Check it out and get some new music for your earholes!

  October 1st, 2011

-TODAY IS THE DAY!! Pre-orders are now up in the webstore for Weak Teeth's "What A Plague You Are" LP. They are limited to 25 and you get exclusive silk screened packaging, an exclusive T Shirt, and a copy of the record in the TJR exclusive color. Get it while you can!! These will ship by Oct 22nd...possibly earlier...

-We decided to knock 20% off all other TJR releases this week in celebration of the Weak Teeth pre-orders. So order up any TJR releases you're missing from your collection!!

-In other news, Furnace is over half-way through writting their TJR debut. It is sounding pretty amazing so far. We are also deep in the works with the 10year anniversary comp...and a super secret project that should be out next year as well. All you old xadamx Boston heads will be very very excited!

-As always, please check the webstore. We keep getting amazing stuff in. Buy yourself something new and fun!

  July 8th, 2011

-All sorts of stuff going on here at TJRHQ. We are happy to announce that we will be co-releasing a full length LP from Providence's Weak Teeth with an awesome label from Blacksburg VA called Flannel Gurl Records. We are so excited to put out a record from some of our best friends and expect it to be out in time for them to head to Gainesville for Fest. We'll also be releasing a brand new full length from Boston beard-grinders Furnace!! Their LP will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

-As most of you know, next year will be our 10-year anniversary. We have a bunch of stuff up our sleeves, but we can officially announce that we will be putting out a sweet comp LP with live, unreleases, and out of print stuff on it, tied together with silk screened packaging. So keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as other stuff.

-We have tons of shows coming up in the Providence area. Check out the shows page for more info and we will be adding more as the summer goes on as well. So come rock out if you are in the area.

-As always, please check out the webstore and purchase something. Remember your support means we can keep putting out awesome records. If you are in the New England area, you can choose "pick up in store" and we will hand you your record to save the shipping. You can also choose "cash/money order" to hand us cash or use your credit card. Thank you, as always.

  April 7th, 2011

Just announced, we'll be participating in National Record Store Day at The Time Capsule in Cranston. They are having a huge sidewalk sale with tons of records for $1. We'll be going in a mixing a couple of each TJR LP release into the sale. So if you've been thinking of grapping any of our LP releases, now is the time to score them for $1!!!

-First off, thanks to everyone that came out to the Record Fair in Boston this past weekend. It was an amazing time. WE had a ball and it was great seeing everyone. Just a reminder, everything that was there is also available on our webstore. Check it out!

-Fuck Now Denial is starting to get out to the world. Its available at most of our distros now. If you run a distro or store and want to get some, drop us an email! For all you record nerds, the black/white marble is limited to 47 and only available through us; the trans. green is limited to 52 and only available through Now Denial; and orange marble is available through everyone!

-Well, it looks like the two shows we have listed for imadethismistake are going to be their last shows. If you can, you should go to these!! Hug Kyle for us and tell him you love him. For those of you that have not grabbed a copy of the Different Ghosts Cass. we put out, go to the store and grab it now! We only have 2 copies left and want to make sure they go to good homes!

-So, some exciting news: it looks like we're going to be putting out the new LP from Boston's Furnace. We are so excited about working with this awesome band. They just released an amazing split 7" with Miami's Capsule. They are still in the process of writting the new record, but expect it to be brutal.

-As always, we have some insane shows coming up. Make sure you check the page, as we have more coming up that we can't announce yet. But trust me, this is gonna be crazy.

-As always, keep checking the webstore. We have tons of new stuff. We're now carrying everything from Rumbletowne Records out of WA, Get Young Records out of Boston, and more! Thanks again for all your support.

  March 20th, 2011

-So, for those of you that don't know, Fuck Now Denial LP is now out!! We are so happy with how it came out. The packaging is hand numbered and silk screened; the vinyl is colored and limited; there is a download code inside and the whole release is limited to 300. Get this while you can.

-Within the past month or so, we have seen 2 more of our releases go the way of the dinosaur. Pretty Faces 7" and Saint Jude CD are now out of print. If you want one of these awesome releases, check out any of the distros that carry our stuff. Right now the Now Denial 7" and imadethismistake Cass are down to only a couple copies, so pick one up while you can.

-As always, we have some fun stuff in the works. A couple hidden gems before the year is out and some amazing surprises next year for our 10year anniversary. Please help us out and go to the webstore. Pick out something awesome for your ear holes. And, as always, thank you for your support!

  February 21st, 2011

-So much stuff going on here. First off, the Fuck Now Denail 12" is so close to being ready. We have vinyl and jackets in hand. There will be a packing party this weekend and will be ready to get in your hands next week at some point. We are having an awesome silk screen promo poster made too, so keep your eyes out for that.

-Shows shows and more shows. As always, check out our shows page for the most up to date listings from all our bands, and TJR sponsered shows. Expect April is be insane on our end.

-There are some major stuff on the horizon here. 2012 is our 10 year anniversary, so we'll be doing crazy stuff for that. But keep your eyes open this year. We have a couple surprises up our sleeves.

-As always, please check out the webstore and grab some new stuff for your ear holes!!

  January 16th, 2011

-So we have som fun stuff going on here at TJRHQ. First off, new record is at the plant and we have some fun stuff going on with it: silk-screened posters getting designed, sweet packaging getting put together...long story short: this is gonna be a sick release. Get excited!!

-Big news with some of our bands that have been in hibernation. Yavinfive is waking up to destroy the 201 on Jan 29th!! And The Third Death is going to absolutely kill it at Can't Stand The Northeast Fest at AS220 on Feb 19th!! These shows might be the best of 2011....but we'll see.

-Also, we just got a table at the Pawtucket Rock 'n' Roll Yardsale on Feb 13th at the Met. We're really excited about it, as this will be the first time we will accept credit cards!!! Hopefully we will have the amazing new TJR shirts printed in time. Check out the sick design by Brian from The Upper Hand Art on our facebook page.

-As always, check out the webstore!! We have gotten in tons of new stuff, and have more coming in. Check it out and find some sweet stuff to purchase!!

  January 1st, 2011

-Well, a happy new years to you all!! To kick the year off right, we just mailed out the new Now Denial record to the plant!!! Its a 12" 45rpm piece of destruction called Fuck Now Denial. Its going to be insane. If you want a sneak peek, you can pick up the CD version in the webstore.

-In other news, THIRD DEATH IS PLAYING A REUNION!! Its not until February, but they are playing an insane fest at AS220 called Can't Stand The Northeast. For all of you that love that 3-Way split as much as we do, make sure you come out!!

-The amazing Brian Butler from theupperhandart.com just designed us a killer new label shirt. We'll be getting it printed up within the month. If you want to see the design, head over to our facebook page (the link is on the contact page here) and check it out. We think it looks awesome!!

-Thank you all so much for making our first huge holiday sale a success!! Be prepared though, we are getting tons of new releases from all over the world. So this is not a time to sleep on this little distro. Keep checking us out and thanks again to everyone!!!

  December 4th, 2010

-Happy December all. As always, its a busy season here at TJRHQ. First off, a little change in our release schedule. We are gearing up to mail out our next release right now...an LP version of the new EP from our favorite band: Now Denial!! Its called "Fuck Now Denial" and is amazing. You can pick up the CD version now in our webstore. We're releasing the record with a new label run by the Now Denial guys called Intense Human Victories. Its going to be a limited press of 300, so get excited!!!

-So, we've decided it time to let the TJR myspace die. Myspace is just a pain in the ass to use now, so we're not going to use it anymore. We will leave it up, but will not be updating it. We have added a section on our shows page with upcoming shows from bands on the label. Otherwise, you can get everything here or on our facebook page.

-So, after some amazing press from OMG Vinyl we have run out of red vinyl on the Jesuscentric LP. We still have plenty on black (printed with a red skull on the B-Side). Otherwise, you can pick up a copy on red vinyl from Gatehouse Anchor or All About Records. Thank you all so much for your support on this record!!

-Providence's home town heroes Saint Jude are getting back together for a show or two in December!!! If you are in the area, come get your mosh on!! Check out the shows page for more info!

-Last, but not least, our insane holiday sale is still going on!!! Go to the webstore and check it out. ALL TJR releases are 50% off, everything else in the store is 25% off (except the Girl Haggard CD, sorry guys). Check everything out!!!

  November 1st, 2010

-So, we've decided to have a huge holiday sale!! Starting today, through the January 1st, we as offering 25% off EVERYTHING in the webstore and 50% off all TJR releases. Get something rad for someone you know, or treat yourself to something sweet!!!

-We have some bad news at TJRHQ. Sadly White Problems have decided to call it quits. Because of this, we will not be putting out that rad split 7" between them and Rapid Cities. We're sorry to everyone that was looking forward to it. We are talking with Rapid Cities about possibly working with them in the future. Because of this, the Unsung 7" is up next. Get excited for some bedroom mosh!!

-For those of you that missed it, Jesuscentric got their last show recorded. It sounded amazing and was one of the heaviest things ever heard. We added a link to the recording of the whole show to the Jesuscentric 12" page. Download it and check it out. Its the only place to hear their two newest songs before they called it quits (two of our favorite songs...).

  September 13th, 2010

-So, we have some stuff going on here at TJRHQ. Shows, records, fun stuff for sale, and more. Check it all out.

-First off, we have some sad news. The only currently active TJR band Jesuscentric have decided to part ways. They are playing two last shows here in Providence. Tomorrow Sept 14th they will be playing Jerky's with Enabler from Milwaukee. Then on Oct 9th they will be playing their last show at Firehouse 13. They are calling it quits with some amazing bands that have helped them in the past three years and have a couple surprises up their sleeves for all their friends. If you are in the area, come out and bid these dudes farewell.

-We have some fun shows coming up. If you are in RI, make sure you come down to AS220 on Sept 22nd to see the amazing Basement all the way from France. We are also working on some other amazing shows to round out 2010, so get excited!!

-On Oct 3rd, we will have a table at the amazing Providence Rock 'n' Roll Yardsale!!! As always, we will have special sales for that day. As well as 80s 45s, comics/trades, and more!!! Mark your calender now and pick up some sweet holiday presents....for yourself!!

-Lastly, we have some sweet stuff in the webstore. We just got some amazing vintage RI shirts from Milk & Cookies. Make sure you check those out. We also added some new packages/specials. Check them out. It might be the best way to get a good deal. Check it out and, as always, your support helps us stay active. Every release we are able to get out is because of you and your support. Take a look at the webstore and please help out!!

  August 18th, 2010

-So, stuff is gearing up fast here at TJRHQ. There is so much going on here, its crazy. First let's talk about the awesome releases coming up. We have a couple 7"s in the works. We're doing an split with NJ's Rapid Cities (think Cap'n Jazz for 2010) and Milwaukee's White Problems (the grittiest/dirtiest indie rock). We'll also be doing a 7" for Providence's newest hardcore band Tabernackle. Get ready to get your mosh on!!!

-Some of the TJR bands will be hitting the road soon (or just got off it). Jesuscentric just got back from Cincinnati and have a couple weekends planned with some awesome bands. Imadethismistake will be heading to The Fest in October, so make sure you see that. Now Denial will be playing out soon so make sure you catch them!!!

-We are hosting some amazing shows in Providence soon. We have brought some amazing bands from Europe over to rock the fuck out of Providence. September 8th we have the amazing metal band ZANN from Germany and September 22nd we have the sick post-hardcore Basement from France!!! Make sure to give them a warm welcome if you are in the area.

-Remember, we are having a Christmas In "July" sale in the webstore through the rest of August. Make sure you check it out. We are offering 25% off ALL CDS (new and used), clothing, zines, and posters!!!! Get excited!!! And remember, you are able to get an additional 20% off any order $30 or more by using the code "20o30" when checking out!!! Place your orders now!!! Thank you and please remember each purchase helps, every dollar counts and it really matters to small labels like us.

  July 4th, 2010

-So, long time, no update. We here at TJR have been crazy busy. Here's a little look at what we have going on.

-We decided to start a "CHRISTMAS IN JULY" sale on the webstore. From now until the end of summer (September 1st) we are offering 25% off ALL CDs (used and new), Posters, Zines, and Clothing on the site!!!! A couple reminders of normal sales we have going on: if you order $30 or more, you get an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF!!! Use coupon code 20o30 when checking out. So team up with some friends and place a big order. Also, for those of you local to New England. If you are willing to come to Providence, we are willing to give you FREE SHIPPING!!! Choose "Pick Up In Store" as your shipping option. You will receive an email about meeting up and we will hand you your order!!! We're just saving you money left and right!!!

-We have some crazy releases coming up too. First on the list is an amazing split 7" between NJ's Rapid Cities and Milwaukee's White Problems. We just got in the master tracks and they sound amazing. The record is going to have hand silk screened covers and all sorts of craziness. After that we will have the 2nd 7" in Tabernackle's Horsemen of the Apocalypse series: War; and the second in Forensics' Voltron 7" series: Blue Lion. We might try to squeeze in a couple special releases in there too.

-We have some ridiculous shows coming. Check the shows page for one we have in the works and please go to the myspace to see what our bands are working on!!!

  May 2nd, 2010

-Well, spring cleaning part one was a pretty good success. Thank you all. We decided to keep the ball rolling. For the entire month of may ALL CDs are 25% off. That includes used cds as well. check them out and pick up some new music!!

-There are a bunch of shows going on in the near future here in Providence. May 8th She Rides, Mouthbreather (from Richmond), and The Max Levine Ensemble (from DC) are playing at Squid Amps. May 15th Ruiner (from Baltimore), Soul Control, Tabernackle, Weak Teeth, and Convulsions are playing at AS220. jesuscentric will be playing May 13th at AS220 with the_network, and The Abominable Iron Sloth (from Seattle). Now Denial also has a bunch of shows going on, check myspace.com/torjohnsonrecords to keep track of all of them.

-On May 22nd, there will be an outside Rock 'n' Roll Yard Sale that we will be participating it. it will be in downtown Providence at Grant's Block (corner of Union & Westminster). We will have some deals going on ($5 silk screened posters, $2 7"s, etc) as well as all our normal distro. Come down and check out all the records, diy crafts, and snacks!!! Apparently its sponsored by Narragansett as well....so that should be a good time. Also, on Sunday June 27th there will be a TJR table at MassMarket in Boston!!! Get excited!!

-We are gearing up for our next couple releases. Both will come to realities late 2010, early 2011. We are working on the Rapid Cities/White Problems 7", which looks like it will be limited to 300 and have hand silk screened covers, and the War 7" by Tabernackle. Both releases will be sure to destroy your ear drums and keep you begging for more.

-As always, please check out the webstore. Please help us out. I'm sure there is at least one thing in the store you would like. You can team up with your friends when ordering because we always offer 20% off all orders $30 or more. use code "20o30". Thanks again and thanks for your support.

  March 30th, 2010

-SPRING CLEANING SALE!! So, we're having a little spring cleaning sale here at TJRHQ. ALL silk screened posters, zines, and TJR releases are on sale!! Please pick up some stuff to read, listen to, and decorate your walls. We are still running 20% off purchases of $30 or more, which means you can get a lot of stuff for that amount of money!! Check it out.

-Shows Shows Shows. We have a couple crazy shows coming up in May. Get excited, because these are some bands that deserve it.

-Don't forget to check out our myspace (myspace.com/torjohnson) for a listing of all the shows of all of our bands. Go see some TJR bands and bang your head.

  February 28th, 2010

-Wow, we have exciting news here at TJRHQ. We just got picked up by a new distro from cali called Punk 'N' Junk Distro. To help celebrate this new union, we are doing some crazy contests with PNJ. For the entire month of March, if you buy the new Jesuscentric LP at PNJ you get entered into a drawing to win a test press of the record!!! The test press comes in its own hand silk-screend packaging and is hand numbered out of 10!!!! Head over to their site and check out the contest right now!!! Click here. Also, keep your eyes out because we will be sponsoring a $25 gift certificate give away through PNJ in the near future too!!!

-We have some exciting shows in the works too. Get excited for bands like Gods & Queens, Mouthbreather, and Ruiner coming to Providence soon.

-As normal, we have all sorts of awesome stuff on the webstore. Check it out and buy some stuff!!! Don't forget, we do offer 20% off any order of $30 or more!! Use coupon code "20o30".

  February 9th, 2010

-So, long time no update. Sorry for the lack of info. There is so much going on here at TJRHQ. It looks like 2010 is going to be the year of vinyl for us here. The jesuscentric 12" is just about done. We have put up the normal record in the webstore. Everything will be shipping next week. Hunter at 401Local is just finishing up with screening the inserts and the last 100 records. The vinyl looks insane, so get fucking excited!!!!

-In upcoming news, we have a bunch of 7" releases in the works for the future from bands like Tabernackle, Forensics, imadethismistake, and a split with Rapid Cities and White Problems. So gear up for that.

-Lastly, we have tons of amazing stuff in the webstore. Please check it out. We also keep getting awesome stuff in, so keep checking back. Paul here at TJR has also decided to thin out his personal CD collection. He threw away anything scratched and put up a "USED CD" section in the webstore of the rest. He is doing is pile at a time, so buy some crazy cheap CDs so he can put up more!!! Check it all out. So much going on!!!!

  November 22nd, 2009

-We just put up pre-orders for the new jesuscentric LP. We pulled out all the stops for it. When you pre-order you will get an exclusive vinyl color AND a t-shirt of the same design that will be silk-screened on the b-side of the record. The shirt (and b-side) is being designed and screened by Hunter at 401Local. We limited the pre-orders to 20 because of how limited this vinyl color will be. Get it now!!!!

-We will be participating in Mass Market again!! Swing over to MassArt in Boston on December 13th, if you are around, and get your TJR records in person. Save on your shipping!!!

-As always, please help us out. Please either place an order in the webstore, or let us know what local record stores are near you!! Help us help real brick and mortar stores!!!

  October 27th, 2009

-We got the test presses for our newest release, the Jesuscentric LP....and holy fuck, it is brutal!!! Get excited, cause this release is gonna slay. It should see the light of day in about a month or two....definatly by the end of the year.

-Lots of crazy stuff going on here in Providence. We will have a table at the upcoming Providence Rock'n'Roll Record Fair and are planning on participating in Mass Market at Mass Art in Dec. We also have shows coming up with Litany For The Whale, Ghastly City Sleep, Elder, The_Network, and Gods & Queens. If you are in the area, swing down and rock out!!!

-Well, we have some bad news today. One of our distros has closed up shop. We want to wish Very Distro good-bye and good luck. This means that some stores around the country that have been getting our stuff via Very now won't be. If your local record store doesn't have our stuff, either get in touch or get them in touch!!! We want to be available in your neighborhood and we want to support local record stores!!! Let's help keep brick and mortor stores alive and have them get our stuff!!!

  September 24th, 2009

-So much stuff going on at TJRHQ!!! First, jesuscentric's LP is FINALLY at the plant!!! WE expect test presses in soon. 7"s from Tabernackle and Forensics are up next, so get excited!!

-We recently got asked to be a part of an odd celebration. One of the rangers at Ellis Island sent us an email. They are throwing a celebration for Tor Johnson and his coming to America via Ellis Island on and around Halloween. We have been asked to provide some stuff for a display showing that Tor is not forgotten in today's world. Anyone near Ellis Island or NYC should go check it out and send us pictures. Go show some support to Tor Johnson, the man and the label.

-We have so many amazing shows coming up. Tons of touring bands that we are really excited to bring to town. imadethismistake, Git Some, Acts Of Sedition, Wetnurse, Litany For The Whale, Ghastly City Sleep. Get excited and come rock out!!!

-As always, please please help us out. Check out the webstore and get some records. Remember, we offer free shipping for people in providence, or willing to come to providence. We also have the coupon offering 20% off any order $30 or more. Use coupon code "20o30".

  August 16th, 2009

-Really fun annoucement today from TJRHQ. We just released today an amazing, limited, secret cassette from our friends imadethismistake. This is a limited run for their summer/fall 2009 US tour. Check out the info on the releases page and listen to a song on the sounds page. Make sure you go check them out and pick up a tape.

-We are in the works deciding if we will be continuing with our Loud Night series. It has gotten too hard to make amazing shows every month. It looks like we might go back to just booking killer shows when needed. Make sure you check out the poster series and head to the store and pick them up.

-The artwork for the jesuscentric has just been finished!!! It will be going to the plant within a week or two. Get excited, because your brain is going to melt out of your ears!!!

-Everything is still in the works, so keep excited. Please, as always, check the store and help us out!! Please use the coupons "10o1" which will give you 10% off your first order and "20o30" which will give you 20% off any order $30 or more. Thanks again and please help out!

  June 5th, 2009

-Alright, here's another update for you. Stuff is busy here at TJRHQ. We have a ton of shows coming up. We're taking June off, but have so much in the works in July. Head over to the shows page, mark your calenders, and make sure you come out.

-Loud Night #6 was amazing!!! Thanks to all for coming out, thanks to all the bands (you were all amazing), and special thanks to jrtmcp for whipping up an amazing poster with 2 days notice. Anyone who needs any design work done, you need to get at hime!!! Also, pick up the new Disappearer record from Magic Bullet, it is so good!!!

-A quick little update on our up coming releases: we're looking at the end of the month for the jesuscentric record to go to print. We are so excited about this...not only because this is Paul from TJR's band, but also because it is a killer record. The mastered recording by the amazing Nick Z should be in our hands Monday. The artwork will be finished up this week by the amazing Christine Dechichio (she is hand drawing it, than tracing it on a USB tablet...long process, but AMAZING final product). We're also working with some amazing friends on this. The record is a split release with our good friends at Gatehouse Anchor and Empyreal Recordings; we'll be working with our good friend Hunter from 401Printing for silk screening the b-side of the record; and we'll be working with our new friend Kylewilliam from VinylDownloads.com for the download codes. We'll keep you updated on the process.

-To update on the other two releases in the works: Tabernackle is going in the studio to record their 7" (as well as a 7" for Willow Tree Records and a split 7" with jesuscentric on Dead But Dreaming Records). This will probably be our next release after the jesuscentric LP. Can't wait for this. Seriously angry hardcore for all you kids to head bang too. The Forensics 7" is in the works as well. They will be recording at the end of the summer and will be in the works after that. We have some other ideas in the works and maybe announcing other releases soon.

-As always, please check out the store and please help us out. It is thanks to you that we are able to release records. Please check out the webstore and help us to continue putting out records. Thank you, as always.

  April 19th, 2009

-New monthly update coming at you. We're laying low right now at TJRHQ, but there is a lot on the horizon. At the moment, we're concentrating on the Loud Night shows and getting the money together for everything we have in the works.

-Loud Night #5 went off without a hitch. All the bands were amazing. So much fun. We have a couple extra posters from Mickey Colette left over. Head over to the webstore and pick one up. #6 will be on May 31st and will be one killer show!! We will be taking June off, but we'll be back with #7 on July 27th and that will be another crazy one.

-Just to start getting you excited, we have some stuff in works. We announced two of these before, but that doesn't mean you can't get excited. We have the second Voltron-based 7" from Virgina's Forensics in the works. We'll be doing Blue Lion. There will also be the debut 7" from Providence's hardcored band Tabernackle. They are ex-members of a shit ton of bands, so get into it!!! It also looks like we will be helping put out an amazing release by Providence holy hounds Jesuscentric. We will be putting out a one-sided 12" with silk screening on the B-side and a download code. It will be quite a release and be sure to take you to church. This record will be a split release with a couple labels. We'll announce it as soon as everything is 100%.

-As always, please help us out. Check out the webstore and order some records. We have more than just TJR stuff, so check it out and bring the rock home.

  March 28th, 2009

-We know its been a little while since our last update, but we're laying low right now; concentrating on getting our current releases in your hands. We just got picked up by StickFigure Distro from Atlanta. We're really excited about this as they will help us a lot in getting our releases into your hands, as well as the hands of many people who have never heard of us.

-It looks like we'll be rolling on with new releases come summer time. We're looking at two 7" releases and possible one more release to round out the year. We'll be releasing that 7" by Forensics from Virgina that we announced during the last update. We'll also be releasing a 7" by Providence's Tabernackle. They are an amazingly angry hardcore band featuring members from Learn, Hulk Out, Spring Break North Korea, She Rides, and Crippler Cross Face. We're really really excited about this one.

-A couple changes to the website. First, our "mp3s" page has been changed to a music player. This makes checking out our music a little easier. You no longer have to click each mp3 or download anything. Its a full player. So, check that out and rock out to a sampling from our catalouge. We also put up a "Loud Night" page. We're using this page to showcase the original artwork/silk screened posters that have been made for the Loud Night series of shows.

-Last, but not least, it wouldn't be a Tor Johnson update if we didn't end with shameless promotion. We have tons of new stuff in the webstore. Head over and check it all out. We just got a couple big packages from Protagonist and Adiago830. Buy some records and rock out. Also, we have a couple coupons to offer. There is 10% off your first order. Use coupon code "10o1". There is also 20% off any order of $30 and above. Use coupon code "20o30". Thanks for checking it out.

  February 13th, 2009

-Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!! Much is brewing here at TJRHQ. So much news....let's get started:

Our newest release is back from the plant and now available!!! It is an epic 3 song CDEP from Germanys A Fine Boat, That Coffin. We kept the cost down enough to absolutely demolish any reason to not buy it. We also worked with AFB,TC to offer you an exclusive shirt deal. In the store you can find a new shirt design from AFB,TC that is 100% exclusive through us. This will not be available in stores, or anywhere, other than here. Under the "specials/packages" in the store, we are offering a special deal for both the shirt and CD. Pick both up now!!!

-We figure this is a fine time to announce our next release. Its still in the works, but hopefully will be out for the summer. We will be doing the second in Forensics "Voltron" series. Green Lion was available back in 2007 from Timberline Records. There were some complications with getting the rest of them out, so we will be jump starting the series back to life with Blue Lion. We're gonna go a little crazy with this. Expect to see all sorts of variations on blue vinyl. We're gonna do a band color, a pre-order color, a "rare in store" color, and...who knows...maybe more.

-So many shows coming up. The Loud Night series is rolling right along. #3 will be a little different. We have made it a "Loud Matinee" with doors at 5pm and the show over by 9pm. There is a lot of stuff going on in the city that night and we wanted to provide people with a day of rock. We also have Amen Ra from Belguim coing up, and we're working on something for Abaddon from Milwaukee.

-As always, please continue your support. Go over to the store, check it out, help us out. We are also always looking for more stuff for the store. If you are in a band, or run a label, please get in touch. We would love to work something out and get your stuff available.

  January 6th, 2009

-Our newest release is currently at the plant. Germany's A Fine Boat, That Coffin will be offering up a brutal 3 song CD. We're going to have an exclusive package at our webstore once it is back from the plant featuring a hand printed T-Shirt exclusive for this release. We're very very very excited about this.

-We have 2-3 more releases planned after this as well. All of these are looking like 7" releases as well. We're looking at spring time to get the ball rolling on these. Keep an eye out.

-Our monthly show at Firehouse 13 is rolling along. #2 is set for January 17th and #3 for February 22nd. Head over to the shows page for a full listing and don't forget that you can get into these shows with your credit card or paypal in the store. There is no excuse not to rock. Get excited and make sure you come out.

-We also have an amazing show at AS220 on February 16th with Amen Ra from Belgium and Zoroaster from Atlanta. Expect some sick ass head banging. Get excited.

-As always, please go to the store and check it out. We have a lot available and more on the way. Please keep checking it out and please help us out. We need your help to keep this ball rolling. Thanks as always.

  November 18th, 2008

-I just wanted to say thank you so everyone that made last night amazing. Its safe to say #1 was a resounding success. thanks to the bands. You all killed it. thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks for just a great night. Let's keep the ball rolling. we're taking December off from Loud Night (sorry, i work retail and booking shows during this season is way too hard). We're looking at Loud Night #2 on January 8th or 10th. Be on the look out and get ready to have another great night.

-We're looking like the EP from A Fine Boat, That Coffin will be at the plant within a month at the most. Keep your ear to the ground for this. The CD will blow your fucking mind!!!

-Go to the store and check out all the awesome stuff we have. We have recieved all sorts of stuff from Gatehouse Anchor, Dead Tank Records, Slave Union, Inkblot, All About Records and soooo much stuff. Check it all out.

  October 20th, 2008

-Facemelter is finally back from the plant!!!!It looks fucking amazing. Head over to the store now and pick one up. Its coming with a poster for it too.

-New CDEP from Germany's own A Fine Boat, That Coffin is up next. Keep your eyes open for it. Either late 08 or early 09. Gonna be great!

-We will be starting a monthly show night at Firehouse 13 in Providence called "Loud Night". The first one is on November 22nd. Check out the shows page for all the info. We are also trying something new. We're sick of people not coming out to shows cause they don't have cash. We are now offering "pre-pay" on the webstore so people can pay their way into the show with credit cards or paypal. Check it out!!

-We also want to remind you that we are looking for more stuff for the webstore. If you run a label or are in a band, we would love to carry your stuff. We prefer to do trades, but drop us an email and we would love to get it out there.

  September 1st, 2008

-Wow, stuff is really getting crazy over here at TJRHQ. Now Denial's Facemelter IS FINALLY AT THE PLANT!!!! After a year and a half wait, it is finally getting done. We are so excited. This record will 100% live up to its name. Expect this is be in your hands in less than a month.

-We are also pleased to annouce that we will be doing a CDEP for A Fine Boat, That Coffin out of Germany. If you haven't heard these guys, get into it. This EP is just so fucking good and we're just really excited to expand outside of New England. We expect to put this off to the plant around mid-November. Expect to see it by the holidays.

-If all goes according to plan, there will be a 7" released inbetween the two releases above. This will also expand our "out of New England" status. We don't want to say who it is yet because everything is not finalized, but they are a rad band from Richmond VA. So be on the lookout for that.

-Lastly, our webstore is now up and running!!! Check it out. We are also looking for more stuff for our distro. If you run a label or are in a band are are looking to do some trades, please contact us. We will only do like trades though (7" for 7", LP for LP, or CD for CD). Please drop us a line.

  July 22nd, 2008

-So, stuff is chugging along here at TJRHQ. We are still waiting on a digital version of the Facemelter artwork....but we have seen the drawn version and holy shit is this gonna be sick!!! The drawing is 24"x24" and attached to a wooden board, so we're trying to get it digitized and off to the plant. Hopefully everything will be underway soon.

-We do have some bad news. The Cutman/She Rides split is currently on hold and She Rides will not be taking part in it. She Rides needed to give all their songs to a new full length on Stillborn Records. Believe us when we say, no hard feelings. Stillborn is huge and we wish She Rides the best of luck and will be supporting them as we can. So, this means the Cutman split is now short a band. Cutman is trying to figure out what band they would like to do a split with and will get back to us. So until that time, that release is on hold.

-We are looking at two other possible releases before the year is out. One with a sick band from Richmond and another with an amazing band from Germany. That would make (if the Cutman split comes out this year) six releases in one year. That would make this the busiest year we have ever had. I hope to keep the momentum going into 2009!!!

-We have a couple additions to the website. On the page for the Saint Jude CD you can now watch a video made for one of their songs. Its pretty fun and you can really feel what its like to be at one of their shows. We also have a couple shows coming up. Check them out and come say hi. Also, go to our myspace page and see when/where all our bands are playing. Go say hi and rock out.

-Lastly, my plea for your help. There is alot of things for sale on this website and you will probably get a better deal here (when you factor in shipping) than anywhere else. Please help us to keep putting out releases. It is up to you. We have records, CDs, posters to decorate your walls, videos to rock out to, and clothing to show your support out in the world. Please help out where you can. There is no minimum to buy. Thank you and please help where you can.

  April 18th, 2008

-New Shit New Shit New Shit!!! So first, the 3-way split is finally out!!!!! Its only been 18-20 months in the making, but it is finally out! We have copies on both white and black for sale on the releases page. They all come with hand letter-pressed packaging and a sick etching on the B-Side. If you would like this record on green, contact Hulk Out; orange, contact All Those Opposed; or grey, contact Third Death. Any other colors listed on the pressing info were friend presses and are gone. Sorry. But please grab a copy of this. All colors are on solid marble style vinyl. We're bringing colors back old-school. None of this fancy shit. Anyway, pick one up.

-Second, we have some silk-screened posters left over from the show at Firehouse 13 last night. They look amazing. Done by a sweet new printing company out of Providence called Devil's Rainbow Printing. Pick one up.

-Lastly, we were going through some of our tapes from shows and came across the Coliseum show from July 2007. For some reason it never made its way onto the site. So we now have tapes of that show for sale. Check it out on the distro page. We do have some bad news about it though, the tape fucked up Tombs set so sadly that needed to be left off. This was also the show that the cops cut Coliseum's set so they do only have a couple songs on here. Sorry about that. But pick this up.

-We're still playing the waiting game on Now Denial's artwork. We'll keep you updated. She Rides goes into the studio today to record for the split we're putting out with Cutman and for an LP on Martyr Records. So be on the look out for those release. Also, we might have a very fun 7" in summer time from a sick band from Richmond (get fucking excited!!!).

-As always, please look at the releases and distro page and help us out. We can only put out records if you help us do so. If you want to order a bunch of stuff, email us and we'll cut you a deal based on shipping costs. If you want to order stuff with cash or a money order, email us and we'll work something out. If you live in Providence and want to save shipping by having us hand it to you, send us an email and we'll work something out. Thank you, and remember that where you spend your dollar matter. Support local and family businesses. Support R.I.D.I.Y!!!

  March 25th, 2008

-Well, after the bad news of Independent One Stop closing their doors to distrobution, we are excited to annouce our stuff is now available places again. There is a list of awesome independent distributors that carry our stuff on the links page. And the best news, that list keeps growing! Check out their webstores and buy some stuff. If you are a store/distro company/kid that runs a webstore or table at shows, drop us an email. We would be more than happy to hook you up with some wholesale prices to get everything out there.

-3-Way Vinyl is in our hands. Inserts will be done this week and records will be in your hands. Pre-orders will go out next week and expect to see records in stores shortly after. If you would like to order a normal record, head over to the releases page.

-We are still playing the waiting game on Now Denial's Facemelter though. We are currently still waiting on cover art. Although, their vinyl has come in and it looks amazing. The vinyl will be a split release between our good friends over at Gatehouse Anchor and Hi From Camp Icarus. Be on the look out for this soon.

-As you can see at the bottom of this page, we have a new banner advertising our newest stuff. We would greatly appreciate it if you were to add this to your myspace/facebook/website/what ever. Please let us know if you have put up the banner and we would love to hook you up with some love.

-Right now we have one show lined up, but that could always change. This one is gonna be amazing though. New stuff from Wasteland and They And The Children. Come bang your head!

-We would also like to announce Now Denial - Power To The Mountain LP on yellow vinyl is now out of print!!! If you would like one on yellow, check with our distro companies (see the links page) or the band. If you have one, congrats you have rare vinyl!!!

-And lastly, please take a look around and order some stuff. We have all kinds of stuff and we would love to get it in your hands. If you live in Providence, email me. I will happily give a discount if we don't need to mail stuff. If you would like to pay with well-conceiled cash or money order, please mail it with a shopping list to the address on the contacts page. Thank you again.

  January 23rd, 2008

-Exciting news at TJR. As you hopefully saw on the main page, the 3 way split is finally seeing the light of day!!! We got the test presses back and they sound awesome! We'll be accepting pre-orders on the main page, so back up and order one now! We will only be doing 20 pre-order packages. After those sell, you can reserve a colored record by just paying the normal price for the record. We'll adjust the site once we get there. I want to take this time to thank everyone involved. Thanks to all three bands, you guys fucking rule!! Huge thanks to Meg Summercamp!! The cover art is fucking sick and i know it was a huge headache getting everything together. Thank you so much. Thanks to Mikebike for helping her press them. Also huge thanks to Nik Hulk Out for the ridiculously amazing etching. Also, I know there were huge headaches involved. Thanks for everything. And finally a big thanks to Tom at The Parlour for the sick mastering job and Warren at Musicol for putting up with this 13 month long process. So, get excited and order a fucking record!!!

-We also have a couple shows coming up. One of them is on the shows page. The other one we're working on a venue for, but don't worry shit is gonna be amazing.

-As always, check out the myspace page for a show listing of all of our bands. Go say hi and rock out.

-Finally, as always, help us out. Check out the distro and releases pages and buy some shit. I'm sure we have something you would be interested in. If you live in providence and want to save on shipping, email me. I am more than happy to do face-to-face transactions and it saves me a trip to the post office. Also, if you don't have paypal, send me an email. I'm more than happy to work with well concealed cash or a money order or something. So, check stuff out and drop us a line.

  January 9th, 2008

-So, good news and bad news at the Tor Johnson HQ. I guess good news first: We got the Saint Jude CDs and they look and sounds amazing!!! We were able to get them to the dudes so that they only had 3 shows without CDs. For those of you at those 3 shows, you could have bought a "rain-check" (and I hope you did). If you did buy a "rain-check" please email me. If not, head over to the releases page and pick up a CD!!!

-Also on the good news, we have test presses for the 3-way on the way!!! We're still waiting on artwork for Facemelter, but we are excited to announce another new release in the works. We'll be putting out a split 7" with Providence's She Rides and Gainesvilles's Cutman!! We are very excited about this. Be on the look out late spring for that!

-Now the bad news. Independent One Stop no longer exsists. They will be continuing Punk Stop, which is retail only. This means we are currently without distro. Instead of sitting on our hands and crying about it (which is not our style) we'll be going back to doing things the hard way. We will now be doing all the distro ourselves. If you own a record store, or run a distro, or just like to sell shit at shows, please drop us a line. We will happily hook you up with wholesale prices. We sadly can't do trades right now. There is just too much shit collecting at the HQ and we need to sell it. But we will definatly hook up wholesale prices. You will also be seeing us at more Providence shows setting up tables.

-Lastly, as always, please help us out. Check out the distro page, check out the releases page, buy some stuff!! Help us keep putting out records. As always, your order will always come with some free shit...what free shit you say? I guess you'll have to make an order to find out. Help us out!!!

  December 14th, 2007

-Holy shit do we have some exciting stuff for you this update!!! First, Zegota is coming back through. If you remember we had a damn fun show with them back in 2005. They have asked us to book their only New England show....so, we have a sick rager at Firehouse 13. Check the shows page for more listings. To help include the rest of New England we have a band from CT and a band from Western MA joining a band from here in Providence. Should be a damn good time!!!

-THE 3-WAY LP IS AT THE PRESSERS!!!! After more than a year of work, the 3-way split between Third Death, All Those Opposed, and Hulk Out is finally at the pressers. I will be putting up pre-order info as soon as we get the test presses. I'm so fucking excited for this, and you should be too!!!!

-Lastly, we have the joy of pushing up the Saint Jude release. We were originally going to do a 7", but we have changed it to a CD. The goal is to have everything ready to go for when they leave for tour on January 5th. We will be pushing this through so they can have it for tour. Get excited! We're doing 500 CDs of their demo and 2 new songs!!

-That's all for now. As always, please check out our releases and distro pages and help us out. We have a bunch of stuff and need your help to keep putting out kick ass shit!!! Every little bit helps and remember, the prices include US shipping. Please contact for any internationl prices.

  October 19th, 2007

-We have a really fun show that we're doing with our boys over at Hi From Camp Icarus. Its going on November 5th at the Brown Underground. Some sick shit, sick bands, good time, and Paul's new band Jesuscentric. Come down and have some fun. What else do you have to do on a monday night?

-We have started something new with the myspace page. We are now posting all show from all bands on the label, in addition to the Tor Johnson sponsered shows. So log into the myspace and check out the sick tunes.

-AS per usual, please look at the releases and distro page and help us out. We have two releases going to press within a month or two. Please help us out. We have Yavin and TATC posters free with the respective release. We have all sorts of stuff. Every order gets free pins and stickers. Help us out. Thanks as always.

  August 13th, 2007

-Shows, Shows, Shows. We have some coming up. Check out the shows page for more info, but tons of cool shit coming up so come out and enjoy.

-Releases......still waiting. Still waiting on artwork for Now Denial, still waiting on ATO and artwork on the split. Hopefully one of these will see the light of day soon. Once the 3-way split comes out, we will be releasing the Saint Jude demo as a 7". It fucking slays so get hyped on it!!! Other than that, we are talking with Cutman (which is most of Escape Grace's new band) about a 7". We'll see what happens.

-As per always, please buy some stuff. We have plenty of music, some posters for your walls, some videos to watch, and some shirts to wear. Hook something up so we can keep putting out music and get more shit to you!!

  July 17th, 2007

-So, for those of you that have not heard, Providence Turners is no longer doing shows. Apparently some high school kids booked a show and ruined it for the rest of us. The cops showed up, as did the fire dept. The Turners have now been told that, while they thought they had the right permits, they don't for allowing "bands" to play. They also need to put in new sprinklers. I find it funny that I can book bigger bands/shows there and nothing happens and when a bunch of local high school kids get involved shit gets shut down. Well, we're going to be starting something at the Turners to help them raise money and start doing shows again. Keep your eyes out for that.

-And because of this shit with the Turners, the shows that were supposed to be there are now at The Grow Room on Okie St. Jon really came through for us and openned back up one of Providence's best spaces. Thank you The Grow Room, and thank you Jon!!

-We're still working on the 3-way (waiting on ATO's stuff, go bother them so we can get it faster) and Now Denial (waiting on artwork, go bother them so we can get it faster). Once those see the light of day, I'll be pressing the Saint Jude Demo as a 7". Very excited about that. So much stuff going.

-And as per usual: Please buy some stuff. This is the only way we can keep putting out music. Check out the releases and distro page. I'm sure we have something you would like. Help us out!! Thanks.

   June 3rd, 2007

-Holy crap, we have some insane shows coming up!! Go to the shows page and check this shit out. Providence is hoppin'!!!!

-On the releases front, we are still playing the waiting game. We are waiting for artwork for the new Now Denial release and we're waiting for A.T.O. to re-record vocals for the 3-way. I will say that some sweet pre-order packaging are in the works for the 3-way. Just wait. It'll blow your mind.

-As usual, here is my plug. Please help us put out all of this rock! Check out our releases and distro section. I'm sure we have something you will be interested in. Videos, Posters, Shirts, and of course sick ass Music!! Please help us out. All USA shipping is included. Please contact for internationl. Thank again, please help!!!

   April 1st, 2007

-Thanks to everyone who came out to the Microwaves show. It was a lot of fun and meant alot to have everyone there. I know there was a lot else going on that night. Thank for supporting.

-Good news, Gatehouse Anchor Records is going to have a hand in the vinyl version of Now Denial - Facemelter!! Very excited about this. Gatehouse does amazing shit and I can't wait. Still waiting on the artwork for this though. Just wait, its gonna be nasty!!

-Sent the B-Side etching for the Third Death / All Those Opposed / Hulk Out LP to the pressers. It looks amazing. Nik Hulk Out did a great job. Check out the pictures on our myspace to peep it. The music will be along shortly. ATO needs to re-record some vocals and then its off. Also, keep your ear to the ground about a pre-order pack we'll be doing for this. Wicked limited to 25 pieces. Get excited NOW!!!

-As usual, here is my plug. Please help us put out all of this rock! Check out our releases and distro section. I'm sure we have something you will be interested in. Videos, Posters, Shirts, and of course sick ass Music!! Please help us out. All USA shipping is included. Please contact for internationl. Thank again, please help!!!

   March 16th, 2007

-THE SHOW TONIGHT IS CANCELLED!!! I'm really sorry for the short notice everyone, but mother nature is a bitch and needs to make up her mind. Wasn't 60something two days ago? What the fuck?!? Anyway, i hope to see people on March 30th.

-Getting stuff together for the new Now Denial CD and the 3-way 12". Get excited on new stuff!!!

   Febuary 26th, 2007

-We have a fun little sale going on. We just found a box of Another Dead Juliet CDs, so we're gonna have a sale on them!!! Order one now for only $4 including postage!!!! Get this now! Also check out all the other stuff, cause we have a bunch of stuff available.

-We just added the poster from the I Object show at AS220 on the distro page. Once again Mikee at MicroPress has knocked my soxs off. The man is amazing. Get this now, limited amount available!!!

-Shows, Shows, Shows!!! Come on out and say hi!!!!

   Febuary 14th, 2007

-Happy Valentine's Day to all. For those of you that don't know, go to AS220 TONIGHT!!!! There is a huge benefit for the SHAC7. Go support something bigger than yourself!!

-On to other stuff, we now have copies of the Hulk Out Cassette in the distro section. Go get a copy now, while you can! We have 3 other releases in the works that mostly everyone knows about. The big 3-way split with Hulk Out, Third Death, and All Those Opposed. This release is going to be amazing. Now Denial - Facemelter full length. I just got the mastered verion of this and it will destroy you. I can't wait to put this out. It will probably be digi-pack. They are also looking for people to do the vinyl. If you run a label and like Now Denial, drop them a line. Also a 7" from Florida's Escape Grace. This release is going to be very big. This will be the first Tor Johnson release from a band NOT from New England. Escape Grace also has at least 2 other releases coming out this year. A CD of all covers and a full length on Hawthorne St. After killing "The Fest" with a set of Quicksand covers, these guys are big news. Keep your eyes out for all this stuff!!!

-Also on next Tuesday, Feb. 20th you will be able to buy the YavinFive CD in stores!! Run down to your local store and buy one!!

-We have a couple shows coming up and more in the works. Come say hi if you are around.

   January 21st, 2007

-This Tuesday, January 23rd, YavinFive will be having their CD release show at The Living Room. Come out and have a good time. It is with An Albatross, Playgirl, Howl, and Acerose. For those of you not in the area, be sure to visit the releases page or the official "street date" for it to hit stores is Febuary 20th. Mark it on your calender and get excited!!!

-I've added a new screen printed poster under the Distro page. Micro Press blew my fucking mind with this one that was made for the Low Budgets show last night. Get it now!!! I don't have a lot of these, so get them while you can!!!

-Thanks to everyone who came out for the show last night. It was fucking amazing. I'm so happy my first AS220 show went so well. It was tons of fun!!! Speaking about shows, we have some sick ones coming up. Check out the shows page for all the info, but shit looks nasty!!

-Finally, we're gearing up for our next release. The plan is to have the Third Death / All Those Opposed / Hulk Out 3-way LP be the next thing. I'm shooting for it to be at the pressers by early/mid-March. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, it is going to destroy your mind!!!!!!

   January 3rd, 2007

-YAVINFIVE CDS ARE IN!!!!! Finally, you can check out the releases page for more info and the mp3s for a sample. They came out amazing and well worth the wait. Also, we have some promo posters so the first people to order will get a free one of those too!!!! Get excited!!!!

-As usual, we have some sick shows coming up. The Body show, Ex-Dead Milkmen show, They And The Children show, I Object show. Keep your eyes out for the goings on.

-2007 is shaping up to be a sick year for us. Be on the look out for the Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk Out split LP, the Escape Grace 7", new stuff from Now Denial, and more!! Its gonna be a good year!

-And as always, please help us keep going. We have so much stuff for sale. Videos, shirts, hats, posters, and the music. Help us keep putting out sick records!!! Thanks to all of you.

   December 7th, 2006

-For those of you that don't know, there is an amazing art show going on at RISD. Tor Johnson Record shows and more are featured. Click here for more info and pics. Its pretty rad.

-We have some sick hats made up!!! Check out the merch page for more info, but they are prety sick! Buy one today!!!

-Check out the shows page!!! We are doing a rad show for an ex-Dead Milkmen band called The Low Budgets. It going to be at AS220, come support some sick shit. Also, I'm working on a show at Summer Camp on the 21st of January. Be on the look out.

   November 18th, 2006

-So, let's start off with the good news....WE NOW HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE DISTRO DEAL!!!! We will be distributed exclusively by Independent One Stop / Punk Stop.Com. These guys are fucking amazing! To clarify for you, Independent One Stop is for distro to stores while Punk Stop is the retail store for you to buy lots of records from. Check them out and support some sick dudes.

-And the bad news....we needed to send the YavinFive CD back to the pressers. Sadly there was some confusion and we sent the wrong CD to the plant. We expect them back in our hands shortly. Be on the look out for this. Its gonna destroy and rip everything to shreds.

-As always, we have tons of stuff for sale. Check it all out and help us out.

   October 30th, 2006

-Holy crap, do we have an update!! First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to the Das Oath/Ampere show. We proved that Providence can even represent in the daytime!! Everyone keep November 10th marked on the calender. Check out the shows page for that info, but shit is gonna rock!!!

-We have some new merch on the distro page. We now have YavinFive shirts available. The design is sick so pick one up now!! We also video taped the Das Oath show. You can grab a copy of that on the VHS page. It came out really good, so check it out!! Also keep in mind all the posters, shirts, and records we have. Pick up the amazing shirt Pat Leahy designed for us. They came out sick!!

-So, on the releases front...the YavinFive CD is at the plant right now. We expect it in our hands by the end of November and we're getting together a sick record release party ready!! Keep an eye out. Also, we are 100% go on a Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk Out 3-way split one-sided LP. We're going to do an etching on the B Side. Shit is gonna be sick!! Now we just need to agree on artwork. Be on the look out for more info!!!

   October 9th, 2006

-Providence Declares War was AMAZING!!! I would like to thank Ben & Chris Armageddon and Bob Dead for inviting me to participate. I had the joy of sharing a table with Corleone on Friday and Trash Art on Saturday. We also had some fun conversations about releases....and may have some fun ones in the works. Keep your eyes peeled. And thanks again to everyone for coming out and showing how fucking rad Providence is!!!

-We have a couple new things on the site. First off, NEW SHIRTS!!!! Our boy Patrick Leahy designed us a sweet one and we just got them made. We had them at the War and now you can get them any time. Also, we got the new Third Death cover....but ran out of Scoots version. But check out all this new stuff on the Distro page.

-It looks like the YavinFive CD will be off to the plant by the end of the month. Expect it in you local stores/your hands before the end of November.

   October 2nd, 2006

-We just got a bunch of records from a pretty sweet record out of the Mid-West called Scenester Credentials. Check out the distro page to grab some tight records. Get them while you can.

-FUCKING SWEET SHOWS!!! Holy crap, go to some of these amazing shows. Plus Providence Declares War is going down this weekend October 6th and 7th. Come rock the fuck out!

-Buy some shit!!!! I know we have something you want. Do it!! Send me an email if you don't have paypal.

   September 27th, 2006

-Shows!!! Damn, do we have some awesome shows coming up!! We are doing a sick matinee for the Das Oath/Ampere tour!!! Its gonna be amazing. Be on the look out for silk-screened posters for this too. MikeBike from Hulk Out will be making some nasty ones. We're also doing a pretty sweet show in the beginning on November for a band from Cinncinati called Lost Hands Found Fingers. These guys are sick!! Think How Water Music with Maiden solos. Come out and support some shit!

-We finally got the master for YavinFive - Breath Melody . Bleed Dissonance CD. It sounds amazing. Look for it out and about in a little while. Now Denial just sent Facemelter: Parts 1-9 out to get mastered. I can't fucking wait for this!! Escape Grace is getting the 7" ready too. Looking to be a busy time for Tor Johnson Records.

-And last, I hate to keep doing this but we can't put out music if you don't support us. Please take a look at the releases and the distro pages. I'm sure we have something you might want. It takes a few minutes to look. Please help us out. Also, check out the sick $2 Sampler. It has songs from every release, even the two that never saw the light of day. Please help us out!!!

   September 7th, 2006

-NEW SHIT!!!! So much stuff going on. First off, we now have some of the new Third Death 7" for distro. Check out the distro page for that (ps- the screened covers rule!!). Second, we got some fun stuff coming up. We are going to do the new YavinFive's CDEP. It sounds amazing, so keep an eye out. Also Escape Grace finished writting 3 songs for the 7". They will be recording it within a couple monthes. That it gonna be sweet!! We are also planning a 7" for a new Providence band called Playgirl. They feature members from Crippler Crossface, Bury Your Dead, Wasteland, Roswell, Voices Forming Weapons, Civil Defense, and more. A true "super group". Keep your eyes peeled.

-As you all see, we have no shows coming up. We're really trying to concentrate on putting out new music. We will be one of the featured vendors at Providence Declares War, which is a two day event at AS220. Come down October 6th and 7th to experiance why Providence has such an amazing scene and buy some stuff to help us put out more records.

-We hate to do so much self-promotion and shit, but please check out the merch we have. We have some sweet screened posters, some videos, and more. We also have the new sampler. This is only $2. Please support us so we can keep putting out sweet records.

   August 13th, 2006

-First off, the Providence Turners RULE!!!! Once people start understanding where this venue is, I think its gonna be hoppin'. The bar is awsome, the space is big, and its pretty rad. Come out to these shows!! Email me if you need directions.

-Some new stuff for sale!!! I have silk-screened posters for the Hot Cross show and I video taped it. If you missed the show, or thought you were going to catch them at Totally Awesome Fest, get the video and feel jealous of the people who did come out.

-As usual, there are a bunch of releases in the works with more adding on the the list everyday. We're hopeing to do a Hulk Out/Third Death split 7", a release from Howl (formally Late Night Prayers), and YavinFive has been talking with us. In addition we are still working on the final The Revival Preachers release, a 7" from Escape Grace, the new Now Denial record, and more. Keep checking in to see what's happening.