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-There Were Wires Somnambulists LP/Cass.
  split release with Iodine Recordings
-Greylock / BEDTIMEMAGIC Split Cass.
-Cyttorak Simultaneous Invocation Of Apocalyptic Harbingers Cass.
-Sneeze fin. LP
  split release with Midnight Werewolf
-Citizens Unrest Demo Tapes 1999-2002 Cass.
-Cyttorak Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp Cass. {Out Of Print}
-Sullest Fashionable Male Cass.
  split release with Squid Amps Collective
-Aneurysm Awareness LP
  split release with Constant Disappointment Records
-Leopard Print Taser Teeth Are Not Bones 7"
  split release with War Fever Recordings
-Unknown River Driver / Rations Noise split LP {Out Of Print}
  split release with a bunch of labels
-Cyttorak 4-Song Demo Cass. {Out Of Print}
-Heavy Mantle Weights & Measures LP
-Twin Foxes Sleeping On The Attic Floor LP
  split release with Midnight Werewolf
-Twin Foxes Mountain Promo Flexie {Out Of Print}
-Closer To The Grave 15 Years of Tor Johnson Records LP
-Ratstab Record Store Day 2017 7" lathe cut {Out Of Print}
-Tyler Daniel Bean On Days Soon To Pass LP {Out Of Print}
  split release with Skeletal Lightning
-Ordinary Lives 7"
  split release with State Of Mind Recordings, Square Of Opposition, and Yo-Yo Records
-Ascend/Descend Murdock Street LP
  split release with Dead Tank Records
-Moment Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Complete Discography 2xLP
  split release with All About Records & Teeth Like Swords
-Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir Live At Dead Air split 7"
  split release with Orb Weaver Press
-Raw Blow Slow Choke 7" {Out Of Print}
-Aneurysm Veronica 45
-Sea Of Storms Dead Weight LP
  split release with Self Aware Records
-Lunglust As Guilt Collects Dust Cass.
-Weak Teeth So You've Ruined Your Life LP
  split release with FITA Records & Riotous Outburst Records
- Death To Tyrants "untitled" EP 7"
-Late Bloomer Things Change LP
  split release with Self Aware Records & Lunchbox Records
-Alpha Owl 3 Song EP cassette {Out Of Print}
-Bloodpheasant Traum LP
-The Ten Years War Tor Johnson Records Anniversary Show DVD
-Rations Martyrs & Prisoners 7"
  split release with 30 different labels
-Best Practices Sore Subjects 7"
  split release with Willow Tree Records
-Tyler Daniel Bean Everything You Do Scares Me 7" {Out Of Print}
  split release with Kat Kat Records
-Tor Johnson Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus 7" {Out Of Print}
-Weak Teeth What A Plague You Are LP {Out Of Print}
  split release with Flannel Gurl Records
-Now Denial Fuck Now Denial LP {Out Of Print}
  split release with Intense Human Victories
-imadethismistake Different Ghosts Cass. {Out Of Print}
-jesuscentric 12"
  split release with Gatehouse Anchor and All About Records
-A Fine Boat, That Coffin Morse Zeichen CDEP
-Now Denial Facemelter CD
-Saint Jude ALWAYS HARD -the first recordings- CD {Out Of Print}
-Third Death/All Those Opposed/Hulk Out Split 12"
-YavinFive Breathe Melody . Bleed Dissonance CD
-They & The Children Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost CD {Out Of Print}
-Now Denial Power to the Moutain 12"/CD
-Pretty Faces 7" {Out Of Print}
-Another Dead Juliet Here Lies CD
  split release with Trash Art!
-Now Denial Brothers Not Fighting 7" {Out Of Print}
-Rebirth of Hardcore Pride A Gorilla Biscuits Tribute 7" {Out Of Print}

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-The Northeast Regional Band Cass.
-20th Anniversary 7" Subscription Series
-Weak Teeth / Timeshares split 7"
-Furnace final LP
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