TJR013 A Fine Boat, That Coffin Morse Zeichen CD

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This four piece from Germany offers three new songs in between technical grind, chaotic Hardcore, free jazz and heavy, progressive Sludge. Influenced by the Hardcore of the early and late nineties and artsy, eclectic Prog-Rock of the 70ies, these guys deliver impossibly complex fretboard meltdown and convoluted song structures over a relentless, stuttering, dissonant assault of Per Koro style Bremen hardcore and ferocious wall-of-noise grind that is broken up with passages of spacey, psychedelic jazz and shimmery drones.

Format: CD

Track Listing:
  Morse Zeichen
  Zettel Und Stift
  Die Trunkene Stadt

Pressing Information: 500 fan-disk CDs