TJR018 Tor Johnson Records Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus Compilation 7"


This is for all of you. Thanks for all your support. The record has unreleased songs from Saint Jude, Pretty Faces, Now Denial, & A Fine Boat That Coffin. The download has even more goodies from Weak Teeth, Jesuscentric, and more. Features hand screened artwork designed by Providence's infamous Scoots of CultureVoid.

Format: 7"

Track Listing:
  Saint Jude - The Great Finality (unreleased)
  Now Denial - We Bite (Misfits/recorded live on Record Hospital)
  Pretty Faces - War Of The Elephants (originally released on a split 7" with Kodan Armada)
  A Fine Boat, That Coffin - Redefinition Of Molecules By The Beat Of The Madman's Drum (unreleased)
Download Extras
  Weak Teeth - Killers (unreleased)
  Jesuscentric - Death Sandwich (unreleased)
  Now Denial - Horror Business (Misfits/recorded live on Record Hospital)
  Closer Than Kin - Skull (Misfits/off the unreleased TJR002)
  The Defeat - The Battle Of Britain
    -I Hope We Know Each Other For The Rest Of Our Lives
    -The Brightest Black Stars
    -The Bottom Of The Stairs
    -You & I (off the unreleased TJR003)

Pressing Information:
5 test presses
300 random mixed marble