TJR053 20th Anniversary Subscription Series

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  20 years.....20 years of this. Kind of mind blowing. We decided to do something crazy this year and do a subscription series. We decided to do 12 split 7"s spread out over the course of the year, with one each month. Each one coming in a hand screen-printed sleeve, and the whole series has a vintage 45 vibe. All big hole, the sleeve is an old Atlantic design, the labels an old Bell Records design. And since we love to keep stuff limited and special, each split is limited to 100 and none of the songs will be available digitally until Jan. 2023. Here is a list of the bands involved in the series (in alphabetical order, not in order of the splits): Alright, The Body, Cyttorak, Dikembe, Dreamwell, Heavy Mantle, Horsewhip, Hundreds Of Au, Ian O'Neil (from Deer Tick), Into It.Over It, Late Bloomer, My Fictions, No Trigger, Nova One, Peace Test, Pohgoh, Save Ends, Sidetracked, Signals Midwest, Slingshot Dakota, Storm Davis, Thou, Tyler Daniel Bean. Thank you all for 20 years of love and support.

Format: 7" series

Split Information:
  TJR053-01:January: ? / ?
  TJR053-02:Feburary: ? / ?
  TJR053-03:March: ? / ?
  TJR053-04:April: ? / ?
  TJR053-05:May: ? / ?
  TJR053-06:June: ? / ?
  TJR053-07:July: ? / ?
  TJR053-08:August: ? / ?
  TJR053-09:September: ? / ?
  TJR053-10:October: ? / ?
  TJR053-11:November: ? / ?
  TJR053-12:December: ? / ?

Pressing Information (for each split):
  5 test presses (alternate artwork)
  100 black vinyl