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Two Humans are back with a full length LP full of garage pop goodness to remind you how to stomp your feet! The new Two Humans record starts out with pulsing feedback and fingers feeling around through jangled chords, before suddenly kicking your teeth out with thunderous drums and jangly clean tone guitar. "Fucked" is surprising to say the least as a first track but easily demonstrates this band ability to surprise. "Wisconsin's Finest" is a classic garage style song. Good energy, some clever vocal melodies and a bunch of attitude to boot.
"No Remorse" came out as a single earlier this year, and it stands tall as a single here in the 3rd slot. The drums really take this one to the top with precision and perfect mixing.
"Now You're Dead!" is silly but still top notch high energy indie rock. It kinda goes all over the place in terms of composition but to me that is something exploratory, and commendable. These guys sound great in the recorded format!
"I Miss My Legs" sports a trumpet, some lead guitar and loads of genre mockery. All in all it is still a good song shining through tongue-in-cheek instrumentation and production. It shares a super Pop sound with the rest of the songs on this record, despite being a clear "odd one out"
"Rooftop" goes back to the more solid sound Two Humans have carved out for themselves. This band has clearly spent a good deal of time deciding on how they should sound, and meticulously created it.
"Kitchen Island" is big and boastful. The rhythm is slightly slower than other songs on this album but it trades speed for intensity. Large crashes and big riffs, not to mention some pretty killer lead guitar work flesh this song out to possibly the most grand sounds on this record.
"Surf Nazi Mobile" is an agro-surf song. Like if classic punk were mixed with the early surf music of the late 50's. Despite the aggressive side of this song I can easily hear The Beach Boys in this, and that tips me off to this same sense being present the whole time. Two Humans has a real interesting take on the whole Beach Boys thing.
"Commuter Lot" is a classy closing track, bringing back the horns from earlier on "I Miss My Legs" and makes a touching musical melange. A buffet, if you will, of styles and sounds from the spectrum of Two Humans.

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  • Artist: Two Humans

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