Robot (Re)pair - End Transmissions LP


The new(ish) robot (re)pair record was started in February with me and Yami recording 20 songs, a couple of which we made up on the spot. And a 50 Million cover because duh we do that every time we record. Back when we were youngins, Hickey blew us away when we first heard them as teenagers. Like oh shit I didn't know punk could sound like this. Never heard anything like it. But then Brad found Bust The Action by 50 Million in a dollar bin at Bookman's BECAUSE NO GOOD INNANETS YET and realized they were not only affiliated with, but kinda best buds with the best band that had ever graced the ears and minds of our small group of small town miscreants while providing a sense that someone else somewhere out there in the big ole world might not greet us with scorn, contempt, and disapproval -- but with welcoming arms. And while Hickey blew us away with not only their unique blend of bristling convulsive aggression coupled with the occasional melodic tenderness and an ever present dash of dark humor musically, they further entranced us with their relentless commitment to d.i.y. ethics as evidenced by the sheer amount of effort and abundance of scathing repudiations of the commercialization and commodification of punk that accompanied their records. BUT ANYWAY, 50 Million completely changed our perception of what punk could be with their incredibly eclectic approach to songwriting, producing sounds that I had never previously imagined could fit anywhere within the realm of the genre. Bust the Action quickly became just as influential to us as those other folks I just spent a paragraph typing about, and opened up our myopic eyes, our stupid minds, and our blackened little hearts to a whole new kind of ethos when it came to making songs with our dumb little punk bands: "Do whatever the fuck you want." Weird Lovemakers had a similar effect, but they were too close and too real. 50 Million was pure magic from a faraway land that forever changed the way we approached music and punk. What the fuck was I typing about? Oh yeah so we recorded those 20 songs in February, took our sweet ass time coming in and adding shit track by track and (somewhat obsessively) trimming the bullshit and changing shit we weren't 100% happy with. Eventually it was cut down to 13 songs and if I had my way it would be 10 and Yami would be really mad. Harry did a couple bass tracks, and Brad sprinkled some additional geetar parts like that salt bae guy that was popular a couple years ago. I just got the final mix from D and I am proud to say that we have finally finished our grand opus, our testament to mediocrity that we've strove to achieve for years. I just finished listening to it all the way through and can proudly say "hey this is pretty ok I guess." And I don't know why I typed all that other shit, we sound nothing like hickey or 50 million and this record is the most straight forward sounding shit we've ever written. Kinda boring even. But whatever, we're fucking done! Infinite thanks to Nasty D of Fuck City Studios for giving us lowly idiots a home for the last decade and putting up with endless arguments, and playing couples therapist to me and Yami endless times. Couldn't have done it without ya! Hope at least a couple dozen people out there like it. Alright I can't feel my legs, time to get off the toilet (food poisoning, ugh) and crawl to bed whimpering and moaning like the small insignificant child that I am. Hope someone read all this lol.

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  • Artist: Robot (Re)pair

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