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(image for) A Fine Boat, That Coffin - Morse Zeichen CD

A Fine Boat, That Coffin - Morse Zeichen CD

This four piece from Germany offers three new songs in between technical grind, chaotic Hardcore, free jazz and heavy, progressive Sludge. Influenced...


(image for) Aneurysm - Awareness LP (black vinyl)

Aneurysm - Awareness LP (black vinyl)

After three seven-inches and roughly 200 shows, the Boston 5-piece has finally immortalized its sound and spirit in full-length fashion. Recorded at...


(image for) Ascend/Descend - Murdock Street LP

Ascend/Descend - Murdock Street LP

Ascend/Descend's debut release, Murdock Street, blends classic characteristics of old school hardcore punk with more modern influences. The result is...


(image for) Bloodpheasant - Traum LP (random marble vinyl)

Bloodpheasant - Traum LP (random marble vinyl)

The debut LP from bloodpheasant (current and former members of weak teeth, The Two Funerals, Best Practices and jesuscentric) is an eerie culmination...


(image for) Death To Tyrants - "untitled" 7"

Death To Tyrants - "untitled" 7"

Death to Tyrants hadn't played together for six years when they were asked to do a set at the Ampere 10 Year Anniversary Show in 2012. Dusting off...


(image for) DONE - Aged & Untreated Cass.

DONE - Aged & Untreated Cass.

 Having cut their teeth in more bands than you can shake a stick at, Done are both a reaction and a provocation to the ebb and flow of heavy music...


(image for) Furnace - Doublewalker LP

Furnace - Doublewalker LP

Originally slated for release in 2009 from Shock Value Records, the label decided to fold and let these records sit in a Long Island basement...


(image for) Greylock/BEDTIMEMAGIC Split Cass.

Greylock/BEDTIMEMAGIC Split Cass.

The writing on the wall shouts: "You won't find anything so delicious, so easy, and so much fun as the wonderful "SPLIT" with Boston's Greylock and...


(image for) Heavy Mantle - Weights & Measures 12" (clear)

Heavy Mantle - Weights & Measures 12" (clear)

HEAVY MANTLE plays punk rock... I guess. That sentence just doesn’t do them justice. Primarily influenced by punk and hardcore, these songs come...


(image for) King Slender - Gold Days LP (red)

King Slender - Gold Days LP (red)

After a string of excellent EPs, King Slender have released their first full-length effort, Gold Days. Imagine if Drive Like Jehu tried to make a...


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