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Self-Made Mess is the debut album from Boston's indie rock/emo band Six Going On Seven. Out of print for over 25 years, this highly influential album helped define a genre that bridged the gap between hardcore influenced emo and indie-rock, with its complex bass and guitar harmonies and sincere vocals. Often referred to as a “band’s band”, Six Going on Seven came up alongside many of the household names we still discuss from the era: Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, sharing the stage with them and many others. Originally released on Some Records in 1997 and produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio, it is being presented on a limited-edition vinyl pressing with all new artwork and remastered by Jack Shirley (Quicksand, Joyce Manor) at The Atomic Garden.

"self-made mess was our first full-length, the culmination of 3 friends woodshedding/gigging around boston in early days. follow me here: i drove to boston in fall of 1994, we played our first show in january of '95, released a 7" the following year & made 'self-made mess' summer of '96 - this one was recorded by our friend brian mcternan after demoing over 9 songs the year prior with another great engineer (who abruptly moved to los angeles to make a record with the rolling stones -- true story) faithful to our live sound, youth (lost on the young) recorded on a shoestring budget in a small new jersey town (that, a story for another day) 10 songs remastered for your listening pleasure, enjoy.” xo/ six going on seven

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  • Artist: Six Going On Seven

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