Greylock/BEDTIMEMAGIC Split Cass.


The writing on the wall shouts: "You won't find anything so delicious, so easy, and so much fun as the wonderful "SPLIT" with Boston's Greylock and BEDTIMEMAGIC! Think of it. In just about 24 minutes you turn out a great big batch of these sludgy, loud, abrasive wonders. Just a double dose of two-piece bands -- that's the trick. And presto . . . oodles of luscious trash rock and doom -- that's the treat! Whip out a batch for the family tonight and join in the fun!"

Yet the sobering truth of the matter is that Eastern Massachusetts has once again become a bog: tenants are priced out of their homes so money-driven developers can build luxury condos; opioid abuse amongst the citizenry is at a raging high; small business owners are laughed at by local governments as corporations are given the keys to city hall.

Amongst the bloodlust of the downtrodden reside two groups with a friendship not unlike the Terminator and John Connor.

Looming larger than life is the two piece band Greylock, comprised of Jesse Vengrove on drums and Michael Moderski on guitar & vocals. A wall of amps is their weaponry. Broadcast in their sound is a marching order for the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They are dark and devoid of hope, telling a story of the wasteland behind the flashing lights of economy. And, in the midst of worldwide chaos and death, they remind us that we are not in this together and we are all bound for misery.

The flipside is smeared with BEDTIMEMAGIC. A second duo that has voluminous sound from just two people. Morgan Berns and Nicholas Pentabona take turns on vocal duties. Berns bashes drums and plays foot-organ whilst singing. Nicholas hammers on a Rickenbacker 4003 that's been heavily modified, swapping between amplifiers with wattages that would intimidate a wise electrician. No speaker is safe. BEDTIMEMAGIC's approach to cynicism is vastly different than Greylock's -- These two choose to ridicule with disdain, to project sarcasm and Dadaist songwriting as a means by which to undermine everyone and everything around them.

Ten songs grace the run time of this split. BEDTIMEMAGIC seizes the opportunity to behave like counter-culture assholes; GREYLOCK walks the high road, with sixteen-odd minutes of crushing swelter doused with grotesque fuzz. Each band covers one song from the other's catalog. If you've read this far, you can go fuck yourself.

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