Bust It - Hell Is Other People 7"

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***We have 1 of each of the limited covers. If you have a preference, please note in your order. Each cover is limited to 100**** We have all seen it more times that we care to count, drunk punks hacking out sloppy power chords, while yet another poor man's Darby Crash mumbles tired anthems of unrest and change. Nothing changes. Enter Connecticut quintet Bust It! Determined to offer a refreshing take on an antiquated art, Bust It! play ferocious, penetrating, eighties influenced hardcore in the vein of predecessors Black Flag, VOID and Negative Approach. On their debut effort, a 7" entitled Hell Is Other People, Bust It! breathe new life into infectiously relevant punk rock with six tracks that range dynamically from blazing fast onslaughts, to mid-tempo groove. A volatile balance between old and new, Bust It! are committed to setting themselves apart from a chronically stagnant genre characterized by bands reveling in an over-storied past of leather jackets and studs. With a no-holds-barred live show, and a debut 7" that will certainly be a favorite of 2011, it is clear beyond the shadow of doubt that Bust It! know what they are doing, and will continue to do it in your face until you can't help but pay attention.

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  • Artist: Bust It

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