Heartfelt Discord / One Win Choice - We Will Unite Split LP


Heartfelt Discord from the NJ/Toms River area and One Win Choice from Toms River, NJ. Heartfelt Discord start it off with 4 new songs and a cover of One Win Choices "Cause For a Alarm". However the opening track, is an intro that features both bands in a collaboration with a churning melodic chorus, chanting we will unite. A good idea to start this split LP off with. Heartfelt Discord play melodic hardcore akin to Lifetime and Fugazi with nods to bands like Minor Threat and Gorilla Biscuits. Actually their material is very reminiscent of Protagonist. They do a supreme job of incorporating melody and driving 4 chord hardcore anthems with all the passion to boot. The songs are all catchy without the use of cliché and cheesy hooks. The singer adds a dimension to the band like CIV did for GB, without him they wouldn't be nearly the package they are, the insightful and "heartfelt" lyrics coupled with his ear catching shouts and screams pair up with the music perfectly, anger and aggression with a great subtle use of melody are prevalent in his vocal approach. Songs like "Ignorance is Blisters"and "Positive Mental Attitude" are pure hardcore anthems that make you want to jump to the front and pile on for a sing along. This band brings a positive vibe without being gimmicky or insincere. Heartfelt Discord definitely is a band worthy of more ears and eyes because if you need a pick me up just pop on their tunes and you're set. One Win Choice play a brand of punk hardcore that brings to mind bands like Strike Anywhere and Operation Ivy, even Rancid in some parts, just not as strong as a bass presence. As well as the first side of things One Win Choice bring fourth 4 new jams and a cover of HDs "Ties That Bind." It’s hard to follow up to the tracks that Heartfelt Discord came with but OWC comes strong. Everything from sing alongs, chants, some nice use of melody bridges used here and there, and straight punk breaks. Considering pretty much all of their songs break the 3 minute mark they don’t drag on, which is fucking hard to do in the punk genre. The songs build up nicely into sing alongs and chants, while mixing things up enough so they structuring of the songs don’t become too predictable. Their lyrical content isn’t as strong as HD but its nothing to look over by any means. The singer really knows how to ride a punk beat, he reminds me of the guy from anti-flag without all the whining in between songs and minus the stupid outfits. The production holds its own, its not that real gritty punk so the production is a little more polished, and the guitars have good clarity and crunch when needed. The layout is dope, nice use of the Godzilla theme. The vinyl comes in a limited number of blue vinyl and the rest are on black, either way this is worth adding to your collection.

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